Relaxo Footwear finds the perfect fit with LS Retail

Relaxo Footwear, an avant-garde footwear manufacturer is a leading brand in India that used to focus primarily on wholesale distribution and exports. Planning the next spurt of high growth, it entered into company owned company operated (COCO) retail stores.

Relaxo identified the need for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with an integrated Point of Sale (POS) solution to streamline and remotely manage and control retail operations., Relaxo decided to deploy LS Nav with the assistance of a local Microsoft Partner. LS Nav covers transactions from POS to back office functions to consolidate business operations at the head office. After a successful deployment, the company saves significant person hours each month. In addition, it has seen a reduction in operational costs and high return on investment. Management control over stores has improved with efficient monitoring of sales and profitability data. This high degree of control gives the management confidence to open many more retail outlets.

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