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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Steel and Metal Industries

The scarcity of power and raw material, coupled with rising costs, makes it critical for steel manufacturers to remain competitive in order to survive. Both small, unorganized players and large Multinationals find that it is imperative to have a 360 degree view of the business on a continual basis. And that is exactly what Microsoft Dynamics 365 guarantees.
Whether you are a single product producer or a producer of custom-specific steel products, you need a solution that seamlessly integrates your operations and brings you the best of business practices in Steel and Steel products manufacturing. 

Best Item Management and Parameterisation

Highly customizable item management system, catering for the various item types (e.g. beams, plates, coils, small items, off cuts, scraps, etc.) as well as their unique features (length, width, thickness, quality, etc.) and the relevant treatments (e.g. cutting, painting, drilling, decoiling, slitting, etc); Thorough parameterisation process, carried out by our consultants in co-operation with your users, aimed at capturing the unique features of the steel sector as well as adapting our software module(s) to your business structure and flow, rather than the other way around. This means, amongst other things, that only the features and components relevant to your company are active in the system, increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as reducing potential mistakes..

Treatments and Production features are “in the core” internal or external (e.g. cutting, decoiling, slitting) are all envisaged and easily manageable as they are written in the “core” of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Steel Production

Since Steel Production is a material intensive process, the quality of what you produce is of paramount importance. Microsoft Dynamics 365  can constantly monitor your quality and alert you about impending issues.

  • Configurable quality processes and parameters
  • Track quality across all processes( both shop floor and vendor supplied parts)
  • Quality graded products and best deal for customers
  • Comprehensive rejection management and associated root cause analysis

Trident’s Microsoft Dynamics 365  for Steel and Metal helps you produce parts in small or large volumes without compromising on cost and quality.

  • Configurable manufacturing planning process helps you plan your production based on various manufacturing strategies like lot for lot, periodic order policies etc.
  • Deployment of efficient reservation process provides the best of inventory carrying process, leading to huge savings for Work In Progress

Financial Accounting

Financial management is the core of Microsoft Dynamics 365 . Full integration in the other areas of the application allows the collection and analysis of financial data in real time. With extensive country- and region-specific features, the solution fulfils the local financial requirements for 36 countries.

  • Integrated view of all the costs like subcontracting , production etc. on a real-time basis
  • Cash flow forecast of the revenue and expenditure to plan for working capital management
  • Critical statutory statements that one needs to submit to the authorities
  • Automation for handling tax refunds and tax reconciliations as per the laws of the land
  • Expenditure analysis using analysis and sub-analysis
  • Provide valuable insight on the health of the organization at plant and enterprise level
  • Manage multi-plant, multi currency and multiple finance books

Preventive Maintenance

Time lost in production due to machine failures can drastically affect production deadlines and customer commitment. It is important for assets to be maintained in the best of their class.

  • Comprehensive maintenance procedures and plans for your assets
  • Critical inputs on expected failures, preempting such failures and taking appropriate action
  • Analytical inputs on mean time between failures, which can help you plan appropriate maintenance activities


African Conglomerate synergizes business operations through Microsoft Dynamics NAV. African Industries is a diverse West African Multinational with over 8,000 employees from more than 10 countries worldwide.


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