Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Hospitality Solution
Dynamics 365 for Hospitality -allow management and employees with the necessary tools to keep the customers satisfied, thereby ensuring repeat business. With increased flexibility, speed of service and improved access to vital information, the LS Hospitality solutions streamline operations and reduce cost

Dynamics 365 is the comprehensive software solution providing Hospitality Customers with all the functions they need in their day-to-day operations.

The system is powerful, yet simple to use. From front to back of house, Trident’s Hospitality business will get all the tools needed to succeed, as the system includes kitchen and restaurant management functions, powerful POS terminals and superior tools for enterprise resource planning.

By having an all-in-one software solution restaurateurs can gain a better overview of their whole business, while at the same time reducing IT costs and increasing efficiency. Trident’s Hospitality solution is also highly scalable, which means that it will grow with you, supporting you through all your successes.

Restaurant Point of Sale

Ensure speedy and effective service to your customers. Quick service establishments can improve their pace by offering fast order taking at the POS terminals, while fine dining restaurants can offer pace and mobility by taking orders directly at the table on mobile device. Orders can be sent immediately to the kitchen system from the mobile POS or from the main menu, so that your service can become even more effective and fast-paced. 

Manage your Menus for the Omni-Channel

Dynamics 365 Hospitality is the all-in-one solution that increases your efficiency by helping you manage your omni-channel centrally from back office. Set up your menus, recipes and deals -including up-selling possibilities and the option to make modification – for all your sales channels, from brick-and-mortar restaurant, to e-commerce, to the mobile loyalty app. Central management means that not only will you have more control over your brand – you will also have more time to devote to your marketing efforts