Inspect Anomaly, Refine Quality Reduce Inspection Cost with Improved Throughput
We help to provide a comprehensive visual inspection platform that allows manufacturing companies to automate their manufacturing quality processes and reduce dependency on manual inspection. We use an innovative integration process, the latest data mapping tools and a library of applications to make the inspection process flow seamlessly

Visual Quality Inspection – Trident's Vision Intelligence System

Our Vision Intelligence System provides you surplus confidence that your products are free from defects and discontinuities as we use the industry’s most considered and recognised standards and processes to closely and carefully inspect your products, no matter how big or how large the quantity.

Among the many enterprises where visual inspecting is needed, there are several area where visual inspecting is considered to be of very significant and is a top priority activity due to the potentially high cost of any mistakes that may occur during inspection such as accident, fatality, failure of specialized equipment, scrapped products, rework, or a loss of customers. These areas of visual inspection also cover food industry, pharmacy, and medication