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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing Industry

We Bet You Cannot Find a Better Solution: Here is Why

Being a manufacturer is not easy. They come across inevitable obstacles like supply chain disruptions, logistics management issues, staff management complexities, poor floor space optimization, and more. If you have managed to balance your sanity and business together, big hats off!   

With Dynamics 365 you can not only ease your business operations, and boost productivity, but also, you can maintain a harmonious and non-toxic work environment in your plant. Empower your staff with automated functions like live inventory tracking, driver management, and finding the shortest and most suitable routes for delivery, so they can confidently carry out the tasks assigned.   

Most manufacturers are now shifting to end-to-end solutions, among whom Microsoft D365 is leading because of its user-friendly nature, intuitive interface, and the developers’ aspirations for improving it and introducing fresh features every year. Letting automation handle most of your essentials like finance management, warehouse management, product management, vendor management, and so on, the solution assures consistency, agility, flexibility, and greater ROI.  

Our End-to-end Manufacturing Software Solution is Well Suited For:


Steel Manufacturing Industry

Steel manufacturing is a highly intensive process, and the quality of steel you produce is the most important thing. Microsoft Dynamics 365 checks your quality and warns instantly once an issue is caught. Furthermore, you need to have a consistent 360-degree view of your business, be it a small business or a multinational company, to make sound decisions. Dynamics 365 can help you with:    

  • Configuring quality parameters and processes.  
  • Tracking quality throughout all processes (both vendor’s supply and shop floor)  
  • Best deals for customers and graded products.  
  • Complete rejection management and analysis of related root causes.  

Automotive Manufacturing Industry

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing provides all the tools that maximize efficiency, agility, and flexibility which keeps your business on pace with the global automotive market. It further assists in creating an excellent logistics and material planning system. Followed by supervising the complete product life history and product management. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps with:    

  • Complete integration in other parts of the application for real-time financial data analysis.  
  • Financial planning, cash flow management, and financial planning.  
  • Automatic accrual for bonus agreements, goods, and consignment stocks.  
  •  Local financial requirements for 36 countries.  
3d rendering robot assembly line in car factory

Hi-tech and Electronics Manufacturing Industry

These days, changing financial and environmental regulations are common, and so are shrinking product life cycles, and global source challenges. With Dynamics 365 for Operations, you can get visibility throughout your complete supply chain and hence empowering you to make more sensible decisions. The software can ease your:     

  • Demand planning and material management.  
  • Inventory management and buying.  
  • Multi-level, multi-product, multinational manufacturing.  
  • Multinational Financial accounting. 

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has all the essentials to manage your complex operations, compliance, and finance requirements. You can get these industry-rich functions in the cloud or on-premises. Therefore, allowing you to have greater business agility, effortless ownership, and best security. Dynamics 365 can help you with:    

  • Batch processing and recipe flexibility capabilities.  
  • Transparent and exact inventory control by the user.  
  • Following food and beverage industry regulations.  
  • Multi-plant and individual seasonal demand forecasting.  
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The Only Way Your Manufacturing Business Can Get Ultimate Benefits

Smart Decision with Accurate Analysis

Manufacturers work under intense pressure producing excellent quality products fast and selling them at a price that seems reasonable to customers. The only way to overcome this hard-to-achieve task is to make quick and responsible decisions. It is possible only if you have accurate analysis on hand. With Dynamics 365 you get an accurate analysis of inventory, drivers, vehicles, customer reviews, and so on.  


The supply chain involves multiple interlinked layers. Hence, disruptions are pretty common. Manufacturers cannot eliminate them but control them to a great extent. With a centralized database, automation, and complete operational and financial insights, Dynamics 365 for manufacturing provides intuitive and real-time control in a single platform.

Automated Finance and Operations

The convolution of manufacturing often causes error-full finance and operational tasks which quickly become normal. Businesses in this sector need digitalization. The solution centralizes data so you could get a real-time and complete view of your end-to-end operations like management, production, resources, budgeting, planning, and reporting, followed by innovative commercial strategies and best accounting practices.   

Insights into Your Customers

Customers are the most complex aspect of any business. Knowing all about your customers is the key step to forming personalized offers, deals, and exceptional customer services. It might seem complicated to turn this massive bunch of data into a product to aid more business in. However, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 insights, you can access robust tools to turn fragmented data into actionable reports.  

End-to-end Manufacturing Business Solution to Ease Your Management

Planning and Production : Plan material requirements, schedule master production and define the production process with Dynamics 365 for Manufacturers.  

Production and Configuration : Manage Bills of Materials, engineer change reset and change notes to optimize your production and configure it accordingly.  

Complete Quality Management Check the quality of the process, finished goods, and material inward and ensure up to the mark attributes in all aspects.


Alerts and Dashboard : Get dashboard department-wise, followed by business intelligence tools and document management systems.  

Finance Management : Comply with Sch VI & IFRS, calculate TDS and Tax, and get multidimensional reporting using a single platform. 

Procurement and sourcing  : Identify a need for a product or service through procuring the product, invoicing, receipt, and payment processing with vendors via this system.  

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