Garnish Your Full-Service Restaurant with Flexible Features and Integrated Tools
Brace yourself with robust tools to cut operational costs and become more competitive. Have an easy and error-free guest management system. Transfer orders or parts of orders between different table sections quickly and easily.

Extremely Configurable, Fast, and Flexible Solution for Your Full-Service Restaurant

A boom in technology influenced customers’ expectations. Casual restaurants are now facing more challenges than ever. From cut-throat competition to retaining existing customers to the urge to provide exceptional customer services, everything seems overwhelming.

Upgrade your fast-casual restaurant with a unified restaurant solution. Simplify taking orders and bills with a Point-of-Sale solution. Track inventory, customer preferences, KPIs, upcoming challenges, and a lot more in real-time under the same umbrella. 

Read and understand each customer with insightfully actionable reports. Implement a suitable loyalty program, and plan meals, offers, and deals. Let customers move out of your restaurant with a smile only to drive them back

From Stove to Plate. Integrated Solution to Upgrade Your Fine Dining Experience.

Whether you need a stand-alone POS system or full-fledged restaurant management software, LS Retail has the best solution for your full-service restaurant.  

From table handling to central kitchen management, to a mobile POS system that is both strong and simple to use. LS Retail integrates your restaurant operations and headquarters with the ERP, providing value throughout your organization, and allowing you to provide better services.


Accurate Table Handling

Make your table and guest management an error-free process. LS Retail uses intuitive graphics and visuals to display data, check table availability status, and the progress of preparation of each table. 

Easy transfer of Bills and Orders

Transfer full or partial orders across the restaurants or just tables quickly and easily. For instance, you can allow a table to have a blend of orders from both the dining section and bar with no risk involved.

Exclusive Orders

It has become easier to add custom requests on independent dishes or whole orders. You can send your customer’s specifications directly to the kitchen to ensure diners that certain items have been added/ removed from their orders.  

Great Flexibility and Mobility

This robust POS system is feature-rich and extremely easy to use. They are flexible enough to fit your business needs. Your staff can also use it to send accurate orders, straight from the table to the kitchen.  

What can an Integrated Software Solution do For Your Business?

Pace Up Your Customer Services : Take quick payments and orders with these robust mobile POS terminals.   

Organize Your Kitchen : You can see customer orders at a glance and the system will ensure that orders are being prepared on time and in the right order.   

Analyze your Performance :  This end-to-end solution helps manage your restaurant from back to front and analyze how well you are performing.  

Ensure Exact Food Details Allergen and nutrition data of your meals can be set up or updated in the back-office system and will be transferred to all the POS terminals instantly.  

 Manage Your Entire Operation Centrally : Transferring orders from POS to the kitchen directly means that you will provide both accurate and faster services with no human error risk involved.

Thrive in Your Full-Service Restaurant with LS Retail

Efficient Guest Management Handle bills, table occupancy, and server tasks – be they combined, split or individual among different people in a group. 

 Faster and Clearer Orders : Eliminate human errors with mobile POS to take orders. Since orders go to the kitchen straight, the risk of miscommunication is minimized.  

Exact Purchase and Inventory Management : Access real-time inventory status, analyze stock wastage records and control your back operations entirely.  

Sales Reports : Get a detailed real-time sales analysis organized by different parameters such as duration, location, staff members, POS, and so on. 


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