Vision Intelligence System for Employee Safety
Trident's Vision Intelligence System assures your Employee’s safety with robust technology that monitors safety and security standard compliance across the organization, you can seamlessly detect if any employee is not equipped with helmets, gloves, and other safety equipment on construction sites, manufacturing plants, etc. Identify if all the equipments are properly functioning and shows no sign of damage.

Employee Safety Gadgets Detection with Vision Intelligence System

Staff safety is the priority within all industries, especially where the workforce explicitly implements their manual efforts, such as manufacturing, construction sites, railway lines, and so on. Trident’s Intelligent Machine Vision System ensures a precise safety gadgets detection of your employees. Detect if your workforce is complying with the safety protocols. Check if they are wearing their masks, safety shoes, helmets, footwear, goggles, etc.


Ensure Complete Safety Compliance

Comply with safety standards within the organization. Monitor each employee and check if they maintain a safe distance 


Detect Employee Safety Gadget

This tool helps in detection of safety gadgets like Helmet, Shoes, Gloves, Harness, Goggles, Apron, Disposable caps, etc. 


Detect Equipment Breakage

Spot any breakage disruption in harness, helmet, or any other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and quickly replace them with fresh pieces 


Face Mask Detection

Ensure everyone wears masks and comply with the safety standards. Spot employees who have removed their masks and flashed the alert on the monitor 


Social Distance Monitoring 

Identify if all your staff is complying with the social distancing standards. Monitor each employee’s position and alert them to maintain some distance if they fail to do so