Reimagining the Modern Customer Experience for Retail
Empower your team and business by modernizing the customer engagement experience. By integrating advanced marketing analytics, connected consumer digital experiences, and client engagement technologies, you can deliver a modern experience that is both online, and in-store.

Today’s retail executives are facing mounting pressure to evolve business models that make sense in a global marketplace characterized by disruptive technological innovations and fierce competition for consumer dollars. What once worked to entice consumers, such as loyalty programs, no longer guarantees a sale.

Not only do they have endless choices at their fingertips, they have a voice. They can post a review—and one in five consumers do.

In this era of the customer – where technology has transformed the social fabric of how we engage, connect and interact with one another. It is critical for businesses to gain insight into their customers’ needs in order to deliver experiences that build lasting relationships.

Operating in today’s digitally connected world impacts businesses in so many ways, that adapting to customer preferences with agility and speed is essential.
Microsoft Dynamics gives organizations an exceptional customer focus by being able to take advantage of cloud services, run agile operations that exceed customer needs, and help engage customers on their terms across the Web, social, apps and mobile fronts.

It introduces a new end-to-end apps and services framework, allowing businesses to develop and distribute modern apps for specific scenarios and
mobile devices that can easily and securely connect with Microsoft Dynamics for people at work and on the go.


Consumers have never been as empowered as today. They have greater choice over what to buy and where, and they expect to be able to look up items and view product prices and offers quickly and easily – no matter whether online or in a brick-and-mortar store. For retailers, keeping all the information up-to-date could range from challenging to a pure nightmare.
But no more.

The Omni-Channel Experience

E-commerce, m-commerce, in-store: sell across all touchpoints

With LS Nav, web, mobile and in-store commerce 

services are totally integrated, giving you total visibility over your whole operation.

E-commerce Site

Offer your customer an e-commerce platform with exceptional levels of transaction flexibility and seamless fluidity. The platform is re

sponsive to offer a first-class shopping experience, no matter if it’s accessed via computer, tablet or mobile. LS Nav can be easily integrated to websites built on nopCommmerce, magento and popular platforms.

Mobile Loyalty App

Customers can use the mobile app to shop, check product availability and stock levels, see product images and read descriptions, receive personalized offers, use coupons, find store locations and more.

Connect the Channels

Allow your customers to get their products when and where they prefer. The click & collect feature reconnects your channels: customers can create an order on the e-commerce web

site on an on a mobile device, and choose whether they want to have the products sent home, or collect them in one of your stores.

Always Up-to-Date

All information on items, price and discounts is maintained centrally in LS Nav and distribute to all touchpoints. This means that product information, prices, offer and product availability are always up-to-date in the e-commerce websites and loyalty app.

Analytics and Insights are a crucial element of smart all channel retailing. To grow your business, one needs to know the business. Trident Insights and Marketing automation helps retailers with customer acquisition, retention, promotion planning, effective retail operations and better merchandizing.

Personalization: Provide personalized shopping experience to the customers with right product recommendations, price and promotions. This solution helps the retailer to challenge showrooming problem and improve conversions.
Micro Segmentation: Segmentation 2.0 based on activities, social influence and sentiment data product and company associations (e.g. likes or follows, online comments and reviews, customer service records)

Dynamic Pricing: Ability to identify Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) on price changes, receive alerts on competition price intelligence and act on pricing opportunities

Social Engagement: Get actionable insights from social conversations in form of dashboards & reports – Customer Service Dashboard, Social Engagement Dashboard, Brand Reputation Dashboard and Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking Dashboard 

Mobility is at the core of digital transformation. Mobile devices have transformed from just enabling business emails and data on the move to mobilizing enterprise applications, driving innovation and changing the way companies do business. Today, mobility solutions and services help companies leverage contextual, real-time data to reach out to customers, employees and partners anytime, anywhere.

Consumer Applications For:
• Engagement
• Social loyalty
• Commerce
• Support

Enterprise Applications for:
• Mobile Sales Force
• Service Field-force productivity
• Workforce automation
• Collaboration
• Dashboards for insights and action


Enhance the customer experience by using Internet of Things (IoT) retail solutions to connect your business— from storefronts to hospitality establishments to entertainment venues.

Inventory Management



RFID Tags can capture data including GPS location, temperature, pressure and other information, Helping retailers track inventory access the supply chain and restock shelves to meet demand.
Food LossTemperature sensors trigger alerts if food reaches an unsafe temperature preventing spoilage
Energy UseWith data from occupancy sensors smart HVAC and lighting can automatically adjust to variations. In need between peak and non-peak hours.
Preventive MaintenanceBy analysing equipment performance indications such as temperature , vibrations or power consumption, retailers can predict when equipment will fail before it does.
Block ChainUsing blockchain technology, retailers can provide customers with indisputable proof of the provenance and authenticity of their products at every step in the supply chain.


By ensuring business transactions, substantially reducing fraud and increasing the efficiency of business partnerships, blockchain would free significant resources that can be redirected to more innovative and valuable ways of working across the value chain.

Que ManagementUsing heat maps of shopper density and location, retailers can offer timely services and re allocate staff to meet demand in real time.
Fleet ManagementGPS Location and weather data provide information about road and environmental conditions that enables better route planning and ensure drive safely.


Modern Point of Sale

Empower sales associates in store with a Modern Point of Sale supporting the basics including tender/transaction, but also extending into rich clienteling, real-time inventory look-up, as well as back office capabilities at the employee’s fingertips.

  • Engage with customers through assisted sales using rich customer purchase intelligence regardless of what channel they shop in. • Provide employees immersive and richer experiences through roletailored POS UI, support of multiple platforms, multiple devices (e.g. tablets and phones), as well as integration to peripherals (e.g. receipt printers, scanners).
  • Empower employees through highly flexible and rich inventory management, daily operations and KPI reporting, and engaging customer data including omni-channel wish-lists.
  • Modern Point of Sale (or Modern POS or MPOS) refers to the “next gen” Point of Sale that is mobile and capable of running on various form factors like tablets, phones, phablets, etc. Modern POS works in conjunction with Retail Server, and the rest of all the retail components including Retail Headquarters, Commerce Data Exchange (CDX).

In-Store Management

In-Store Management is a user-friendly tool for staff management with powerful back office functionalities. Monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs), manage your inventory, prepare a season, pre-plan purchasing and decide how to distribute retail items – all from your headquarters.

The manager can enjoy total control of activities within the stores, while the system handles fast and accurate replication of data between the POS terminals, back office and head office.

System can offer advanced inventory management on hand-held devices. Make your staff mobile while effectively enabling them to handle all necessary inventory processes, including receiving, picking, stock counting, stock changes and label ordering.

Inventory Management

Merchandising and replenishment functionalities help retailers save time and money by streamlining their inventory. Dynamics inventory feature allows for both automatic replenishment, including forecasting based on sales history, and manual replenishment with allocation planning for multiple stock locations.

The wireless inventory feature means that you can carry out all your store inventory processes on handheld devices, and your staff has live access to inventory on their POS at any time.

  • Manual replenishment with allocation planning
  • Automatic replenishment including forecasting
  • Open-to-buy

Get A Clear View of Your Workforce

LS Staff Management presents all the information that managers need to manage their workforce, in a relevant and actionable format.
Detect fraud quickly
Time registration, budgeting and planning are all in one place, enabling quick identification of errors or fraudulent activity.
Rapid time registration
Employees can clock in and out using employee cards, ID, eye scanners or fingerprint scanning from the POS or PC.
Role budget adjustments
Automatic adjustments of role budgets based on various parameters, for instance weather forecasts or sales history.

Product Management

Have a clear overview of your products and increase your sales with Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Centrally manage and update products, prices and offers for all your sales channels. Gain important business insights into your sales by managing your products through different dimensions – check which colors, sizes and styles are most popular, and reorder based on this intelligence. Manage offers and loyalty to ensure returning customers.


  • Define and manage mail-order catalogs including the products associated to the catalog, specific catalog pricing, catalog related call scripts and ability to link a catalog to one or more targeted mailing lists.


  • Specify kit price different than component prices, substitute kit components, assemble and disassemble kits, sell across any channel.

Set Category Pricing Rules:

  • Markup or margin pricing for categories of products.
  • Mix and match discount participate in retail discount concurrency rules.
  • Manage pricing/discounts for catalogs and catalog products, and affiliations.
  • Record all discounts across all channels and report on them.

Call Centre

Microsoft Dynamics release continues to deliver on our omni-channel solution for retailers by introducing call centre as a new channel.

This channel can be used for order entry, order processing and order fulfillment.

Retailers can offer mail order catalogs to their customers and manage this new streamlined channel.

Call Center provides retailers the choice and flexibility of offering call center sales and order management with the same end-to-end omni-channel capabilities as in other channels. This includes:

  • End-to-end customer service, fast customer keyword search, fast order entry and assisted sale, as well as enhanced order fulfillment.
  • Integrated pricing, promotions/discounts.
  • Upsell/cross-sell definition (e.g. pop ups during call center order entry to provide suggestions of additional products to be sold).
  • Detailed order and order line status including partially shipped and backordered information.
  • RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) scoring of customers. • Out of Balance parameters and hold capabilities for managing under and over payments.

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