An All-in-one Software for Grocery and Supermarket Chains
Offer short queues, fresh selection, and quick services that drive customer loyalty. Provide a blend of self-checkouts and traditional registers. Automatically reorder the exact items to drive a smooth sales flow. Set prices, promotions, and offers and let the system update them on all touchpoints.

Retail ERP Software for Grocery & Supermarket

Provide the shopping experience your customers well deserve. Manage a massive blend of varied products with distinct lifecycles: in this case, automatic replenishment will help you minimize efforts and errors.  

With LS Retail, you can operate your entire business using the same platform. Centrally control whatever is going on in and around your business and get a full-fledged overview via insightful reports. Cut queues, personalized offers, and offer campaigns for your online and in-store. Optimize your processes and avail every tool responsible for a healthy and smooth business environment.  

Our Solution is Well-suited for:

Supermarkets with a takeaway, café, or a deli.

Hypermarket chains