Migrate GP to Dynamics Business Central
Are you looking forward to GP to BC Upgrade? That is a wonderful thing! Dynamics Business Central is supported by the cloud allowing you to access high-speed digital transformation in your business.

Dynamics GP To Dynamics Business Central Migration - GP to Business Central Upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an amazing financial management solution for SME’s. However, as businesses grow, their needs exceed merely financial services. Unfortunately, Dynamics GP is unable to provide services like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and accounting because of which Microsoft was compelled to introduce a new robust and comprehensive cloud-based software i.e., Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Why Dynamics 365 BC upgrade?

  • Mainstream support has expired for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 version or older.  
  • The extended support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or older versions has expired

Why Should You Migrate from Dynamics GP to Business Central?

Seamless Customization

BC is a more modern, leaner, and transparent platform as compared to Dynamics GP. It allows a visual drag and drop interface, perfectly designed for users with no or low programming skills. They can easily make modifications with no or low coding (depending upon their skills and needs). The best part is, no update will impact your modifications. Therefore, you can stay on the latest version without having to make modifications again and again. This was not the case with Dynamics GP. Users can navigate the system and dig into the details of an individual’s accounts, transactions, reports, and graphs. 

More Robust Functionalities

As compared to Dynamics GP, Business Central is a better and more robust accounting solution specifically designed for small to medium-sized distributors, manufacturers, supply chain, and logistics companies. It has in-built manufacturing and distribution capabilities which can easily be extended to perform complicated functions such as inventory and warehouse management, lot and serial tracking, manufacturing process automation, barcoding, and so on. Hence, business central offers more functionalities and capabilities as compared to Dynamics GP.  

Excel in BC

This is one of the major benefits that Business Central users can access i.e., the ability to edit in Excel. In terms of GP, the mass record modification demands your IT department’s assistance. Whereas in BC, you can export a mass record list to excel, update them, and publish them back to BC all by yourself!  

In addition, you have to run a utility to fix the master record while rectifying an error in GP, like the wrong customer’s name or ID. While in BC, you can make these changes easily.  

Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a multiple application curation on the same platform that makes information more easily accessible to non-technical users while allowing them to integrate them to other Microsoft applications like Office 365, Excel, Azure services, and so on, as well as third-party applications like salesforce. The Power Platform includes:  

  • Power BI – Extracts data from Business Central and other business applications in real-time to use it for decision making.  
  • Power Apps – Enables non-technical users to engineer robust bespoke apps with low code/ no-code “point and click” functionalities.  
  • Power Automate – Generates workflows and automates your business operations.

Transparent Pricing

The Business Central cost is determined by the number of users each month. Shifting from on-premises systems like GP to a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform like Business Central is a massive and important shift. There will be an upfront greenfield implementation cost for both Business Central and GP.

However, as soon as you install Business Central, recurring licensing costs occur monthly, hence letting you add or remove users accordingly.

Top Features of Dynamics Business Central

Advance Banking

1 to 3 Functional Companies   

  • Intercompany transaction setup 
  • 1 consolidation 
  • Same chart of accounts and dimensions for all companies  

4-6 Functional Companies  

  • Intercompany transaction setup 
  • 2 consolidations  
  • Same chart of accounts and dimensions for all companies  

Core Finance Functionalities  

  • Environmental setup for one company (legal entity) 
  • Permission and role setup for up to 10 users 
  • Dimensions  
  • Ledger 
  • Account payable  
  • Account receivable  
  • 1 bank reconciliation 
  • 1 bank account 
  • Report layout customization for sales invoice and 1 cheque format 
  • Migration of data for charts of accounts, customer master, vendor master, open balance 


  • Purchase order processing (POP) 
  • Quotes  
  • Orders  
  • Returns  
  • Out of the Box Report Setup including Quotes, Purchase Orders, Confirmations, and Purchase and Return Order Report

Advance Banking  

  • EFT/ACH (Accounts Payable Only) 
  • 80 Byte File Format 
  • eBank Rec  

Assemblies (Purchase, Sales, and Inventory) 

  • Assembly BOMs (Bill of Materials) 
  • Assembly Orders 

Fixed Assets 

  • 2 deprecation books  
  • 7 asset categories  
  • Depreciation methods – straight line and declining  

Inventory (sales and purchases)  

  • Costing methods – FIFO and Average  
  • Cycle counting  
  • Landed cost 
  • 1 location  
  • Data setup for items and open balances 


  • Multicurrency setup 
  • 1 additional bank reconciliation  
  • 1 additional bank account  
  • Up to 10 currencies  
  • Download currency exchange rates 
  • Bank of Canada noon rate setup 


  • Sales Order Processing  
  • Quotes  
  • Orders  
  • Return  
  • Out of the Box Report including the Sales Quotes, Sales Order, and Sales Return Order Report.  


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