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It’s time to move away from ERP’s legacy as a largely passive system of record and toward a reimagined and revitalized Enterprise System of the future: open, more forward looking, and acting as a unifying platform. In a changing business environment, competitiveness depends on insight and agility. Businesses that can identify shifting dynamics, and respond to them quickly and effectively, will succeed.That’s what enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) allows organizations to do


Whether your enterprise resource planning (ERP) project is as complex as a complete business system replacement, or as simple as a single functional capability to an existing application, our implementation method and services will enable you to achieve faster and better results. Our job at Trident is not complete until solutions are fully implemented, including skills and knowledge transfer. You can grow at your own pace through the choice and flexibility of the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments — depending on your business and security requirements.


We’re confident we’ll not only exceed your expectations (because we’ve done it hundreds of times in the last decade before Dynamics NAV & AX got its new name), but we can also increase your chances of having an on-time and on-budget project. We’re deeply committed to providing you a return on your investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Whether you choose the Enterprise or Business Edition, we’re confident that it will meet your business requirements today, tomorrow, and ten years from now as your company evolves.


Diagnostics is a key step in the process of the project implementation. It is necessary to comprehend the structure of


Solution implementing becomes true in accordance with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step methodology.


Seamlessly transition from implementation to Our support services include issue resolution, system maintenance, gap analysis, and development of customized enhancements & upgrades.


Upgrade and Save with Microsoft Dynamics 365™ Ready to upgrade Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV, GP, or SL.


No matter what problem occurred with your initial implementation, Trident will get it back on track with know-how that produces results


Multinational corporations use their global Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) replicating and making roll out


Connecting your systems often produces enormous value and provides a significant return on investment.


We offer a deep knowledge of diagnostics, best practices, benchmarks, code optimization, and database performance tuning techniques

ERP System Diagnostic || Value Discovery Services

Trident’s ERP Diagnostic or Value Discovery Services  help companies manage ERP risks during system selection and implementation, as well as improve, simplify and automate security and controls around the ERP landscape. Trident’s ERP experts blend technology, business process, audit, and risk management skills to deliver efficient solutions across functional areas and ERP platforms.

High Level Analysis : Our Experts meet with the management group to understand the severity and nature of the existing problems. The problems could be related to the system, business process, infrastructure, training, or lack of motivation. They also determine the gap between desired and current Key Performance Indicators to assess the need for change.

Business Process Review : Business Process Consultants document the business process steps, problems, the type of problem, impact of the problems and the requirements and prepare process maps. The requirements are based on the strengths of the existing system and the functionality that could potentially fix the problems. The process maps provide a simple and effective way to visualize the business process flow.

Requirements Analysis : Business Process Consultants create a requirements document that contains the key and unique requirements. They strive to be clear, unambiguous and don’t waste time with basic functionality. They also supplement the needs you’ve already identified with our own comprehensive industry-specific checklists. Each requirement is confirmed and prioritized.

The audit and value discovery function can help significantly reduce these risks by playing a role that is educational, consultative or audit in nature, and by bringing deep independent subject-matter expertise to the most common risk areas.

Trident’s Implementation for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX & Dynamics 365

At Trident Information Systems, all of our projects are built using proven methodologies to ensure successful project delivery. Our processes have evolved with our experience to ensure the requirements gathering and delivery phases are as fast as possible, while making sure there are no surprises later in the project. Making sure all of our work is of good quality and following industry standards is at the core of everything we do.

Depending on the nature of your project, eCommerce or ERP, we will follow the most suitable approach to ensure a smooth and successful delivery. For our eCommerce projects we can either adopt a Waterfall, Agile or Scrum approach, whereas for our ERP implementations, we use Sure Step.

But regardless of the exact methodology, there are always a number of underlying steps and activities that we focus on getting right first time:

Business Requirements Analysis: This is the most important phase, during which your business requirements are established and documented during workshops, and the shape of the solution is agreed.

Technical Analysis: We produce a technical integration document and establish firm estimates for performing technical tasks. We also produce standard project control documents, such as project plans, risk and issue registers at this stage.

Development Initiation: We then begin producing themes, templates and blue-prints for your solution. This is then tested by you, so you can identify any gaps or issues, leading to a further iteration. This can happen while technical development continues, to ensure you get early visibility of your solution.

Build Step: Custom code is developed, interfaces to third party systems set-up, and third party components tested and plugged in. We will also produce training guides and documentation for you.

User Acceptance Testing: You have the opportunity to identify any bugs, usability issues or potential changes before releasing the site.

Go-Live: Your system is moved from development to operational environment with a detailed implementation plan being prepared and executed. We will now do a full handover to the support team for your ongoing systems support. 

Trident’s Support and Help Desk Offerings

A successful ERP, CRM and BI deployment requires a seamless transition even after go-live activities and support. Whether your initiative is as complex as a complete business system replacement, or as simple as adding a single functional capability to an existing application, our expertise and proven methods will enable you to achieve faster, and better results. Our support services include issue resolution, system maintenance, gap analysis, and development of customized enhancements, upgrades, and escalation procedures as well as post-resolution follow-up to ensure that our proposed solution met your expectations.

Trident’s services for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP:

  • Support on demand – when you need it.
  • Guaranteed response time based on SLA.
  • Dedicated support resource/team.
  • Preventative support.
  • Support packages.

Trident’s Upgrade Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX & Dynamics 365

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck: Upgrade and Save with Microsoft Dynamics 365™ Ready to upgrade Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV, GP, or SL? You may be able to save 40% for a limited time when you transition licenses to Microsoft Dynamics 365. There’s no better time to consider your next steps and Trident Information Systems is and award-winning partner that’s ready to help you explore the exciting path forward. When you take your investment to the cloud, you’ll tap into tremendous innovations that can save your company time and money.

  1. Bring it All Together You’ll gain all of the integration benefits of a cloud platform together with CRM, and new applications like Power BI, Flow, and Cortana Analytics. Plus, with Office 365, you can leverage productivity and collaboration tools that work together in new ways that only Microsoft can deliver.
  2. Save Time Dynamics 365 lets your company move at cloud speed with access to data and business processes on any device. All levels of the organization will save time with improved reporting and the ability to quickly adapt processes. Plus, only the cloud makes rapid, incremental updates possible so you’ll always keep pace with the cutting edge of future technology.
  3. Save Money For a limited time, current Dynamics customers may be able to enjoy a 40% discount. After November 2019, the special licensing offer for existing customers returns to the standard 15% discount. Keep in mind that by moving from on-premise to the cloud, you’ll also reduce IT spending on maintenance, upgrades, reporting, infrastructure, and integrations.  

“What is most compelling here is the deep integration of ERP, CRM, and desktop productivity capabilities…few other players offer a common platform and data service for CRM and ERP – and none bring in the Office productivity capabilities that Microsoft can.”

– Rebecca Wettemann -VP of Research at Nucleus Research

Implementation Turnaround & Stabilize and Turn Around your Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX & Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Project Review findings

  • Over 85% failed to achieve the core objectives
  • 30% had significant issues leading to unforeseen impact on the P&L
  • Over 70% of implementations were over-customised resulting in high cost of ownership and upgrade complexities with future product releases
  • Over 40% had inadequate business process documentation 100% had no formal mechanism for on-going monitoring of system utilisation and process controls
  • Over 60% had training from an AX perspective rather than from a business process perspective
  • 75% had reporting issues due to poor data migration or not enough reporting focus early on in the project

All the above contribute to poor optimisation of the investment in a robust technology.

No matter what problem occurred with your initial implementation, Trident will get it back on track.

  • Timeline and Budget Relief: You’ve already made a substantial investment but your project seems to never end. Let our experts provide some relief with know-how that produces results.
  • Data Cleansing and Report Reconciliation: Whenever your data is dirty and your reports aren’t adding up, our team straightens things out. Trident will ensure that your system is providing information you can trust.
  • Go Live Support and Third-Party Integration: Flip the switch on your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution with confidence. Our team supports your business every step along the way.
  • New Functionality: Extend your Microsoft Dynamics ERP installation to include new and enhanced functionality, and count on us to make sure it’s a smooth, stable process.
  • Process Improvement: We can help you gain from the best practice design of Microsoft Dynamics ERP while cleaning up outdated customizations.

Trident’s Global Roll Outs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX & Dynamics 365

As clients expand their presence around the world, a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that supports their global operations is a great benefit. It gives a consistent the confusion often found when employing local ERP systems that require consolidated and aggregated reporting

We optimize the achievement of your goals: in addition to best practices and the know-how of our employees, we also count on our certified, proven project management process model and the Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step method. We provide our Microsoft Dynamics ERP  rollout services around the world, always quality-assured and adjusted to your individual requirements.

We support the rollout projects of our customers or other Microsoft partners

  • Comprehensive support from the analysis phase and process planning to template development and implementation to documentation
  • For specific phases of a rollout as required
  • With entire teams of specialists or individual, experienced workers in case of personnel shortages (staffing for rollout projects)
  • With project or sub-project management
  • In midsize companies or large corporate groups – with a national and international presence
  • In all planned or in select countries

We reliably meet goals through:

  • Our locations and own resources in UAE , India & Africa
  • Process and solution know-how with Microsoft Dynamics ERP NAV & AX plus Dynamics 365 installations with between 20 and several thousand users
  • International consulting expertise for Microsoft Dynamics ERP NAV & AX plus Dynamics 365  roll-outs
  • Our certified project management process model, which has been proven many times in practice
  • The Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step method
  • Our certified and experienced project managers, consultants and developers
  • Our own high-quality standards

Trident’s Integrations Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / AX & Dynamics 365

Save time, reduce errors and pave the way for business growth with intelligent end-to-end integration from Trident Information Systems

Connecting your systems often produces enormous value and provides a significant return on investment. But any integration requirements need to be considered at the start of the project and must be carefully planned and delivered.

Benefits of Integration

We’ve been integrating systems for over a decade now, and we know how to make them all work together smoothly. This frequently involves interfacing eCommerce and ERP solutions, Business Intelligence systems, SharePoint, MS Office as well as other finance solutions.

Integrating your different systems and applications with one another offers compelling benefits:

  • Enormous time savings: Empower customers, colleagues, suppliers and other stakeholders to self-serve, freeing up your time to focus on doing business, not handling queries
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Provide a great experience to your customer through freed-up service personnel and a smoothly running system that works
  • Maximise efficiency: Eliminate redundant processes and streamline your operations, reduce duplication and errors
  • Generate growth opportunities: Enabling new services and features through improved system functionality  


Trident’s Integration Capabilities

All the solutions we offer focus on providing an end-to-end experience for our customers and their end users. We can achieve this end-to-end integration via a number of options:

  • We can utilise existing extensions, like our Magento-Dynamics NAV Connector, or the interface portal, or
  • We can create custom integration points through custom development solutions built in .NET, BizTalk or via SharePoint.

As part of our project methodology, we help you discover an integration approach that fits your requirements and then work with you, or your third-party supplier, to deliver a successful integration. Our team has experience of all manner of integration methodologies, ranging from simple batch integration with CSV, through to real-time using point to point, stored procedures, SOAP XML web services, APIs and more.


Trident’s Integration Successes

  • Payment Gateways such as PayTm, Free Charge
  • Food Delivery Aggregators such Food Panda , Swiggy
  • E-commerce Portal Integration such as Magento or Home Gown Systems
  • Remote order process via XML / EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Dedicated Performance Services to Optimise Your Core IT Systems

Trident has extensive experience providing system performance optimisation, support, and monitoring of SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics® environments to a range of customers including some of the largest and most complex implementations of Dynamics 365, AX, NAV, and CRM.

We offer a deep knowledge of diagnostics, best practices, benchmarks, code optimization, and database performance tuning techniques. A System Performance Health Check is often where our engagement begins. This service can be used to identify performance and application risks, and ensure compliance with industry best practices, as well as detecting problems before they arise and adversely affect your business.

Pre go-live Load Testing : A pre go-live load test allows problems to be identified and resolved before bringing your system online and potentially adversely affecting your business.

Load Testing and Benchmarking : The Load Testing program puts your system through its paces and stresses it to identify bottle necks. We simulate higher than expected loads to test the limits and to gauge the current headroom for growth and expansion.

System Monitoring and Servicing : With continuous monitoring and assessment of your ERP, CRM, and/or SQL Server environment(s), our team can identify and resolve issues before they cause system degradation or downtime.

Performance Diagnostics, Analysis & Tuning : With the database lying at the heart of any complex system, the state of your SQL Server environment can have a large impact on the performance of your applications as a whole. We often see a significant improvement in application responsiveness and general user experience after we have optimized the database configuration, storage structures, indexes, maintenance plans, and the occasional SQL code.

Code Analysis and Optimization : Our team are expert Microsoft developers armed with state of the art, custom built, code analysers enabling the quick identification of code inefficiencies. With significant experience with Best Practices and the AX Customization Analysis Tool (CAT), Trident can recommend and apply code changes for compliance with Microsoft and industry standards.

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