Trident Field Serv
Trident Field Serv solution provides advanced activity scheduling, resource optimization and mobile enablement capabilities that enables the field services delivery teams to be able to track, monitor and report the services activities on the go.

Field service tracker provides various perspective to the service requirements, patterns and trends of success or failures through advanced analytics, machine learning and internet of Things capabilities for informed and business decision making and personalized customer experience delivery.

Trident Service tracker mobile application enables organization to optimize the service delivery engagement in terms of

  • Optimize service team / resource utilization
  • Track service delivery activities and customer satisfaction
  • Optimize cost of service delivery operations
  • Enhanced and personalized customer experience
  • Business insight into patters of success or failures
  • Shorter turnaround time for parts replacement and servicing

Mobile Service app

No matter what device is used, organizations can leverage native mobile applications to provide real time and offline data and gain visibility into customer information to improve field processes and increase technician productivity. Mobile workers are provided with a calendar of work order details that can be dynamically updated. Work orders are linked to customer and case history, installed product configurations, parts information, pricing, and more 

Warranties & Contracts

Align your SLA’s and contracts with your service operations. This feature allows your staff to create and maintain relevant data contained in work orders. Technicians are notified of the services requested, while the app lists all related information like parts needed, items to service, priority and status of the service request. This real-time accurate information helps technicians make quick decisions and execute the job smartly and hassle free. 

Service Engagement Planning

With the automation process, the app makes dispatching of field technicians simple and straightforward. It eases complexities arising from assigning of tasks by gathering all the field service technicians’ information based on their geographical location, expertise or preferred customers.

    • Create engagement plan
    • View / Manage engagement plan
    • Plan change request workflow
    • Resource utilization view

Attendance & Productivity

This is a crucial feature that lets field sales force record the time taken to carry out the desired sales call

  • Map based location tracker
  • Sales activity delivery time line by Date, Date range, Employee
  • Resource availability and expense tracking
  • Request Leave
  • Create leave request
  • View leave request status
  • Manage expense claims
  • create claim
  • View claim status 

Inventory Management

  • Improve first-time fix rates with accurate allocation of parts.
  • Provide mobile access of inventory and parts information to management resources.
  • Manage inventory information for any part transaction: return material authorizations (RMAs), stock adjustment, or stock transfer.
  • Track service stock accurately at mobile and fixed locations to reduce write-offs. 

Geo Location

The integrated map helps technicians view the location of each service request with pinpoint accuracy. It can also suggest optimal routes, which reduces the technician’s travel time. The management, on the other hand, can keep track of the service staff which will help increase their efficiency and diligence.

  • Map based location tracker
  • Service delivery time line by Date, Date range, Employee
  • Manage service engagement feedback
  • Submit feedback
  • OTP based service order closure

MURATEC – Field Serv

Muratec has introduced a wide range of textile machinery products, including the LINK CONER, automatic winder which can be directly linked to a spinning frame for high-speed and high-quality production of many types of yarn. The VORTEX spinning machine, integrate three processes-roving, spinning and winding 


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