RPA( Robotic Process Automation)
Automating rules-based human tasks through software robots, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics for the modern digital enterprise. Automation Anywhere Enterprise is architected to match every step of the RPA journey. Designed for the business user, the platform helps avoid complexity and enables rapid deployment and fast adoption.

Microsoft Azure – The Cloud for Business

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money. Here’s what you can do with Azure… 

Automation Anywhere Enterprise is optimized for the business user and includes advanced capabilities for developers and administrators. It has the shortest learning curve and is consistently recognized as the easiest to use, most intuitive interface in the industry — for the bot developer, the automation administrator and the business user.

The only platform that’s proven to scale to 1000’s of bots

End-to-end visibility and control with a central control room

Bank grade enterprise security, Secured, Scalability & Reliability &

Automation Anywhere: Enterprise RPA – Highly Deployed Digital Workforce System

Automating human activities based on laws for the new digital economy by automated robots, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics. Automation Anywhere Enterprise was designed to fit each phase of the RPA journey. The platform, designed for the business user, helps to reduce complications and allows fast implementation and acceptance. 

What makes enterprise 11 stand out?

Automation Anywhere Enterprise is designed for corporate users and involves developers and administrators with unique capabilities. It has the shortest learning curve and is widely known as the industry’s most user-friendly, intuitive interface— for the bot designer, automation administrator, and business client. 


Automation Anywhere Enterprise is the only RPA platform in the industry today that has been proven to scale — rapidly and securely — to 1000’s of bots. There are 650,000+ Automation Anywhere bots currently in production with numerous enterprises running thousands of bots. Enterprise 11 makes it easier than ever to deploy and scale large digital workforces across multiple geographies and business units.

Workload Management (WLM)

Optimize and prioritize your digital and human workload to meet the most dynamic service level agreement (SLA) demands. Much more than a queue management system, WLM is designed to ensure the most efficient use of all available resources with minimal switching costs. It enables administrators to prioritize high-value tasks and processes based on business value. WLM has built-in SLA calculators and an RPA-as-a-Service capability through integration with BotFarm™ — the industry’s first and only platform that enables on-demand computing resources to meet increased demands.