Upgrade NAV to Business Central

Upgrade NAV to Tap into the Benefits of Business Central  

Are you still working for Navision? Did you know its mainstream support is about to end? If you are only comfortable with Navision, no issues. You can Upgrade NAV to Business Central, its cloud version which comes with the same upgraded functionalities as Navision.  

The cost, pain, and inconveniences are in your mind when you think of NAV to BC UpgradeHowever, you will still have to consider it. Its mainstream support is ending soon whereas it has already ended for some versions.  

Still doesn’t sound like a big deal? Have you planned a way to run your business with software without a support system? Not having a support system means that no matter what the problem is, you will be on your own. No technician will be allotted to fix issues in your NAV Version.  

What is the Difference Between NAV and Business Central?  

Both NAV and Business Central possess the same functionalities, but one thing that gets Business Central one step ahead is that it is browser-based. You can access a wider reach and more flexibility with BC, which provides all the capabilities used in Dynamics NAV such as Sales and service, operation management, etc. at its core. 

The second difference between both is licensing, Dynamics NAV issue license for concurrent users whereas Business Central issues them based on named users.  

Overall, Business Central is more advanced and flexible. Upgrade NAV to Business Central to Avail the Following Benefits: 

Performance, Stability, and Security 

IT professionals put special emphasis on data security. With Microsoft Cloud, you get more than 3500 cyber security professionals at your service who protect, detect, and respond to a cyber threat in the blink of an eye. Moreover, by having Microsoft-trained IT professionals at your disposal, your IT staff can spend some time becoming more productive.  

Cost-Effective Processing  

If you are terrified of moving to the cloud due to the financial shift it comes with, you do not have to worry about it because it is a one-time investment. Relocating ERP spending from infrastructure upgrades, expensive servers, and licensing may seem daunting, however, as soon as you Upgrade NAV to Business Central, you will never have to pay again. This ultimate upgrade ensures automatic updates frequently so you can leverage the best and the most advanced technology for your business.  

Low Training Time  

Dynamics 365 comes with an intuitive look and feel which reduces training time. The staff will be familiar with the features that are used, hence processing the software won’t be a tough job. After NAV to Dynamics Business Central Upgrade, you can access it anywhere, at any time, and work efficiently even remotely. The deep integration with O365 and Business Central Cloud Solution is the best point to start your journey.  

Digital Transformation 

Once you Upgrade NAV to Business Central, you can easily leverage the machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. Machine learning reinforces you to monitor, filter spam, target ads, detect images, forecast, and a lot more. Microsoft Power Platform comprises Power BI (Business Intelligence), Flow, and PowerApps that ensure accurate data and better insights into your business.  

Microsoft AppSource  

Microsoft AppSource allows users to locate and try SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications developed by Microsoft and its partners. Microsoft AppSource contains apps that are developed at the top of Microsoft Dynamics, PowerApps such as Power BI, and Office 365.  

Upgrade NAV to Business Central and Embrace its Out-of-the-Box Features  

Being a Microsoft Product, Business Central integrates with other Microsoft Products seamlessly such as Dynamics 365 Sales and other applications such as PowerApps, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, and so on. Standard APIs will also be available to you to develop Connected Apps which you can later publish in the App Store and integrate with Business Central.  

It is especially useful that a point-to-point connection is required to connect a third-party service with business central. You can find several third-party applications at Microsoft AppStore to enhance the functionality of your business.  

Upgrading NAV to Business Central to benefit from better functionalities and more opportunities. It doesn’t even have recurring expenditure; you only pay once, and you are guaranteed to stay on the latest, most agile, and most flexible solution in the market. If you are thinking of a NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgradeyou can Contact Trident Information Systems. A Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner, and Diamond LS Retail Implementation Partner.  opportunities