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Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Business Management for Midsize, Growing Companies

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP solution designed to help midsize and smaller, growing businesses manage and streamline their finance, operations, manufacturing, and supply chain. The solution’s business intelligence and reporting capabilities are invaluable in fast-moving companies, and its multi-currency and multilanguage features help many of Trident’s internationally operating customers run their businesses. For process manufacturers, Dynamics NAV provides a sound foundation for the more advanced functionality of Trident award-winning industry solutions. 

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Flow – Automate Process & Tasks


Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a familiar Microsoft user interface and seamlessly integrates into existing Microsoft applications such as Office, SharePoint, CRM, etc. This minimises training and means that the software is easily accepted by your employees. The consistent role concept helps each employee carry out their specific tasks efficiently 


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is modular in design. You will receive modular functionality for company management, designed specifically for medium-sized businesses with industry-specific requirements. The modules of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that you choose are based on proven standards and are therefore quick to deploy and maintain. 


Whether you want to expand functionality or users (or even reduce them), Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be adapted to your individual needs thanks to its open architecture. So, with the industry and special solutions Yrident have developed, can map the particular requirements of your industry as well as the specific features of your company 

Meets your Most Specific Needs

The rich functionality provides endless possibilities for enhancement of performance.

Financial Management

Efficiently manage accounting, inventory and cash flows, control fixed assets, process receivables, operate with multiple currencies, locations and companies.

Supply Chain Management

Set-up custom approvals, manage inventories, improve response time, seek new market opportunities, and collaborate more efficiently with your partners.

Project Management

Prepare budgets, plan capacities, automate invoicing, track utilisation and cost of resources.

HR Management

Manage employee records, track absentees, prepare reports.


Improve planning of manufacture orders and deliveries, stay agile and ready to quickly respond to customer demands.

Sales and Marketing

Manage customers and sales data, create and tackle marketing campaigns, deliver exceptional services, manage contacts and agreements.

Service Management

Manage customer calls and inquiries, track support orders, allocate resources, create reports, manage assets.


Manage budgets, consolidate reports, discover data relations, improve cooperation among employees.

Dynamics NAV industry solutions


Based on Microsoft technology together with LS Retail, this solution allows retailers to focus on connecting with customers and delivering a complete personalised shopping experience across all channels.


The Dynamics NAV manufacturing functionality support discrete manufacturing as well as process manufacturing, and even has functionality supporting life sciences businesses.

Warehouse & Distribution

Our solution for wholesale & distribution adds significant industry specific functionality to the award winning Dynamics NAV. The software delivers financial management along with integrated functionality.

Logistics & ICD

Our Logistics and ICD solution is an integrated end-to-end business management software solutions that blends the specific functionalty required by the Logistics industry.

E-Commerce for Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Navision ERP system lets you bring together all your product information and business logic. It makes your web store an efficient and effective extension of your traditional sales activities.

Real Estate and Contracting

Trident’s vertical add-on Real Estate and Contracting that can be implemented on top of Microsoft Dynamics Navision. It is specifically designed to be full-range adaptive solution.

Success Stories

More than 2,200 customers in 45 countries use Microsoft Dynamics Navision solutions in their businesses to drive their digital transformation, benefit from new technologies, become more competitive, and operate more efficiently and productively. Our case studies and success stories provide real-life customer perspectives on what they achieve with our offerings.

Sharda Motors

Sharda Motor Industries Limited is a fast growing automotive manufacturing company.


YASKAWA journey in India began with the business of PLC in 1980 and AC drives in 1990

African Industries

African Industries is a diverse West African Multinational with over 8,000 employees from more than..


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