Upgrade AX to D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management
Are you ready to upgrade your existing AX to D365 Finance & Operation which now known as D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management

It's Time to Upgrade from Dynamics AX to D365 Finance & Supply Chain Management

Trident has brought to you an uplifting experience for AX to D365 Finance & Operation Upgrade within your time, scope, and budget. Get a full-fledged analysis of your business requirements and get an appropriate solution. No more waiting to boost your business turnover!  

Upgrade and Integrate to D365 Finance & Operation with 3 Steps Trident Approach

Evaluation of your Current Dynamics AX

The first step includes evaluating your currency Dynamics AX and seeing how far it compliments your business needs.  

Dynamics 365 Road mapping

We create a comprehensive roadmap while ensuring your team can coordinate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration.  

Ensuring Excellence

Once you have chosen Trident, you no longer must worry about upgradation. With a Microsoft Gold Partner, ensure a seamless and successful upgrade.  

Trident’s Upgrade Methodologies

Trident ensures a successful Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Supply Chain upgrade without losing time, data, or productivity.


We conduct a detailed analysis to get deep insights into your exact business requirements and suggest the most suitable solution later

LCS Trial

We then sign up for your upgrade for Microsoft LCS to access accurate project predictability implementation.

Tailor Upgrade Methodologies

We run an analyzer tool against your business habitat to spot every task needed for the upgrade while creating a pre-upgrade checklist according to your environment.  

Demo Environment Deployment

We implant a demo environment into your hardware to uncover project gaps while evaluating the latest features

Planning and Execution

The plan template is then implemented using testing iteration, data tastings, upgrades, and so on resource assignments

AX 2012 Upgrade

The first complete sign-in is considered as an AX 2012 upgrade. This stage ensures that your sandbox infrastructure can support the upgrade process 

Code Upgrade

The code upgrade is done by a team of dedicated developers for estimations and fit-gap analysis. The final code is finalized at this point.

Database and Update Validation

At this stage, an initial upgrade is initiated to get rid of any bugs. Then it is run in a sandbox environment where you can evaluate the business process.  

Cutover Test and Plan

The application is tuned with the performance to meet your business requirements

Functional Test Passing 

Then a comprehensive D365 Finance and Supply Chain rest is conducted to determine and resolve loopholes.  

Pre-Go-Live Checklist

An extensive checklist is considered against your application to cut-down errors between cutover and going live. 


Finally, the application is made to go live and handed over to you to further process your business operations.

Why Would you Upgrade from Dynamics AX to D365 Finance and Supply Chain?

Powerful security  : Get robot security straight from Microsoft and ensure safe data. Your credentials are protected and monitored 24*7 

Low-Cost Ownership  :Since the upgrade does not demand any additional hardware or infrastructure, you end up saving the cost of ownership.  

Greater Accessibility  : The compatibility of Dynamics365 with other devices ensures the efficient processing of your business.  

Latest Model  : D365 platform is updated every six months hence ensuring the latest version accessibility to your business. 

Save time on Training : Both the applications have the same functionalities, hence saving you enough time to train your employees.  

Promotions  : With Trident Information Systems, you can determine the promotions and deals you are eligible for.  

Embrace Seamless Business Operations with Dynamics 365 Upgrade

Robust Integration  

Embrace a cloud platform with CRM and other robust applications such as Power BI, Cortana Analytics, and Flow.  

Experience More Flexibility  

Dynamics 365 Operations and Supply Chain ensures data access on any device  

Cutting IT Costs  

Cut IT Costs on maintenance, upgrades, reporting, integrations, and infrastructure.  

What do you Get with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain?

Microsoft Dynamics provides a single platform that comprises CRM and ERP applications eventually coupling intelligence and functionalities to provide a robust business environment.  

  • Dynamics 365 Sales CRM 
  • Customer Service 
  • Supply Chain  
  • Marketing  
  • Commerce 
  • Finance  
  • HR  
  • Project Operations  

Why Choose Trident as an Upgrade Partner?

Successfully Predict Upcoming Challenges  

We standardize processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and improve operational efficiency.  

Quality Support  

Our dedicated team is ready to serve you 24/7. Trident goes beyond and rises above the limits to deliver quality services.  

Certified Professionals  

At Trident we have certified professionals who deliver innovative Dynamics 365 solutions while stimulating your business growth.  


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