Rail Terminal Operations
Rail Transload terminals can be a vital link in your supply chain by allowing you to reach locations that are not directly served.

Rail Terminal Module Provides one stop solution to streamline business processes related to operation, billing and customer relationship management of a Rail Terminal.

Rail transportation is usually the most efficient and safest mode for moving large quantities of bulk commodities long distances. However, not all shippers and receivers have direct rail service. The solution — truck to rail transloading. This gives shippers and receivers access to rail transportation for long haul movements combined with local truck delivery. 

This software has been specifically designed for Rail Terminal Movement and will enable the monitoring of the entire rack movement. This software is eminently suitable for providing logistic support and the planning of movement of containers. 

The software has the Following Modules:

  • Container Booking
  • Rail Journey
  • Hub & Spoke Journey
  • Other CTO Journey
  • Non containerized Rail Movement
  • TXR Log Tracking
  • Capturing of FOIS (Indian Railways) System
  • Train Load Plan
  • Merchant Haulage
  • Carrier Haulage

Report and Analysis

Reports are customized in yard, cargo , Rail and customer level. We offer a set of reports which gives a clear visualization on current Rail Terminal  status and future terminal planning which effectively increases the stability of the process .All reports can be visualized based on Date ranges provided.

  • Rail Operation Statistics
  • Rail In Register
  • Rail Out Register
  • Train Summary Report

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