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Start your career journey and hold the hands of Trident Information Systems, We are Microsoft Gold Partner and LS Retail Diamond Partner, working since 1999 in IT Industry. At Trident we are team players with strong technology fundamentals. If you have the expertise, we give you a free hand to prove and enhance your capabilities. You will not only climb the success ladder, but also broaden your horizons horizontally by taking on added responsibilities and playing multiple roles. If you are talented and hardworking, we want to hear from you.

Why Trident

Leadership Guidelines

Our leadership guidelines define our shared understanding of leadership ability. They are authoritative, and compliance with them can be demanded by everyone in the company. As such, they form the basis of trust.

Role Models

We are role models for our employees: We have a respectful, loyal relationship with our employees and resolve conflicts constructively while keeping our promises and being reliable and fair to our employees.

Entrepreneurship & Self Reliance

We acknowledge the abilities and interests of our employees and give them room to grow. We encourage learning from mistakes as a way of ensuring continual self-improvement. we give them responsibility and help them put it into practice

Trident Achivements

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Partner

Employee Speaks - Success Stories at Trident


We encourage teamwork among our employees: we encourage a sense of togetherness and enjoyment of our work. we encourage motivation and teamwork at the departmental level and throughout our company, we create an atmosphere of mutual trust at work.


We encourage open communication within the company: we are unbiased in our discussions with employees, but value conflict resolution over harmony. we encourage employees to communicate openly with all their fellow employees.

Wherever you are in your professional journey, come & innovate with Trident


Get hands-on experience. Our 10-week internship program is an opportunity for students to put their ideas to test. Get a taste of the real work, learn industry code practices, design test cases or experience deadlines. This program is to learn to take real responsibility.

Graduate Freshers

We are not looking for that one perfect candidate because that does not exist. Instead, we are looking for fresh graduates with an aptitude to learn and adapt. Right mentorship, live projects and a close-knit team will help you acquire skills.


Looking for the next big leap in your career? Bring in your expertise and experience, and we will provide you with opportunities to thrive. We are looking for individuals with diverse skills and experience to help us achieve our vision to digitally transformation of industries


Team Leaders

We are looking dynamic and well experienced Professionals having outstanding team leading capability. that lead the team as chief and helps organization to achieve their targeted goals within timeline. Join our team and give a new wings to your career

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