Unified Retail Software for Duty-free, Ferries, and Travel Retail
Best ERP for Duty-free Stores, Increase sales, boost efficiency, and cut complexities in your shops, vessels, and restaurants wherever your customers are. Manage complex tax, product allowances, and pricing complying with multiple legislations. Automatically apply appropriate rules based on the traveler’s route and nationality.

Best ERP for Duty-free Stores & Travel Retails

For travel retailers – whether you run ferries, a retail store chain in a train station, or a massive duty-free store at an airport, if you do not have the item your customers want at that moment, you have most likely lost your sale forever. LS Retail is designed to tackle such situations with simplified inventory management and AI-driven advanced tools to identify trends and ensure you always have the item customer’s demand.  

Time-strapped travelers demand fast services. This is where LS Retail plays its part. You can take payments in any currency and close sales effortlessly. You can even advise your customers without delay using your handhelds. You may also tie them offline and offline and allow them to shop beforehand and pick up their item at your store, at the gate, or wherever they want.