Unified Retail Software for Duty-free, Ferries, and Travel Retail
Best ERP for Duty-free Stores, Increase sales, boost efficiency, and cut complexities in your shops, vessels, and restaurants wherever your customers are. Manage complex tax, product allowances, and pricing complying with multiple legislations. Automatically apply appropriate rules based on the traveler’s route and nationality.

Best ERP for Duty-free Stores & Travel Retails

For travel retailers – whether you run ferries, a retail store chain in a train station, or a massive duty-free store at an airport, if you do not have the item your customers want at that moment, you have most likely lost your sale forever. LS Retail is designed to tackle such situations with simplified inventory management and AI-driven advanced tools to identify trends and ensure you always have the item customer’s demand.  

Time-strapped travelers demand fast services. This is where LS Retail plays its part. You can take payments in any currency and close sales effortlessly. You can even advise your customers without delay using your handhelds. You may also tie them offline and offline and allow them to shop beforehand and pick up their item at your store, at the gate, or wherever they want. 

Pricing, product allowance as per various legislations, and tax complexities are common. This software automatically applied the relevant regulations according to the passenger’s nationality and route.

Our Solution is Well-suited for:

Travel retail shops at train stations and airports

Cruise boats, airplanes, ferries, and trains

Businesses offering food services and retail items to travelers

Duty paid and duty-free shops and restaurants


Automated Legislation Compliance

Allow your staff to offer suitable advice and excellent services with the minimum risk of errors. Your system will automatically apply rules using the passport/ boarding pass details.  

  • Tax refunds, tax-free, discounts, and final prices.  
  • Item limitation and item allowance, for instance, a number of liquor bottles or amount of alcohol.  
  • When STEB (Security Tamper-Evident Bag) needs to be used.  
  • Multi-leg boarding cards for in-transit travelers

Claim Customer Loyalty

Keep your customers loyal prior, during, and post journey.  

  • Understand customers’ purchasing patterns and craft unique promotions and offers.  
  • Offer a loyalty program that rewards shoppers for purchasing products online.  
  • Send personalized promos and messages to stay at the top of the mind of the customer based on their earlier interactions and preferences.  
  • Use the powerful add-on called LS Recommend providing upselling and cross-selling item suggestions.

Let People Buy at their Convenience

Allow people to purchase according to their pace and convenience whether they are traveling for work, vacations, or business.  

  • Let customers shop online and pick up their items at your store, at the gate, or wherever they desire.  
  • Allow shop and collect at return services.  
  • Let shoppers pay in their preferred currency or a blend of currencies.  
  • Speed up services, bust queues, and provide data right there with mobile POS.  

Manage Bookings, Retail, and Food Services as One

Manage services like bookings and reservations, retail items and sales, and fresh food using a sole platform.   

  • Claim Profession functionalities to drive excellent food services: food planning, managing menus, ingredient tracking, table service, and managing kitchen.  
  • Manage reservations, appointments, and bookings using the same POS you already use for sales.  
  • Move employees throughout your restaurant and retail shop: using the same staff with one-time staff training.  
  • Being modular, LS Retail allows adding more specialized industry functionalities in the same ecosystem. 

An All-in-one Platform to Run a Promising Duty-free and Travel Store

Manage Intricate Inventory

Store what your customers are looking for, keep stock levels low and use automation for replenishment

Set Product Limitations

Set product limitations based on the route traveled, quantity, country, and further. The POS will send an alert if you reach or exceed the limits.  

Manage Security Tamper-evident Bags Optimally

Allow your shoppers to shop however they want. Deliver a personalized and consistent experience online and in-store.  

Manage Duty Paid and Duty-free

Handle duty paid and duty-free using the same platform. Let the system calculate total prices based on the shopper’s boarding pass or passport.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Use LS Insight, an AI-powered BI add-on to get clear insights into your business you need to form logical decisions

Streamline Sales Commission

The system automatically calculates staff sales commissions and assures precise payments to each of your employees.


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