Track, Analyse and Improve your Fleet Operations
Organizations managing and running fleets usually operate on razor thin margins. Profits are heavily dependent on optimization methodologies. The recession has further depleted the revenue of fleet companies, resulting in reduced scale of operations, lower profits and inefficient processes.

Operational visibility is the key to fleet management and optimization, and can be achieved through a robust fleet management system powered by cutting edge software. The health and safety of mobile resources has become even more important to maximize their availability and keep TCO as low as possible. 

Some of the Key Challenges That Fleet Operators Face Today Include:

  • Visibility into the locations of mobile assets
  • Optimal dispatch of ad-hoc jobs or orders to vehicles in real-time
  • Real-time tracking of jobs, and forecasting fulfillment
  • Fleet optimization to control spiraling fleet running costs
  • High levels of Fleet Empty Runs – 24% of the total runs are usually empty
  • Low fleet utilization – 33% of a vehicle’s lifetime is spent in runs
  • Managing the health, maintenance, and safety of mobile resources 

Container Freight Station and ICD Operation:

Trident’s Fleet Management software solutions are scalable and flexible to integrate with your entire business, adaptable to improve fleet efficiency and helps in monitoring end-to-end fleet operations. Trident’s vehicle & fleet management system includes real-time GPS fleet tracking, vehicle maintenance, trip scheduling, driver oversight, and more. 

It Will Help Manage in

  • Control spiraling fleet running costs and fleet maintenance expenses, and maximize fleet utilization through multiple optimization techniques such as bundling, continuous moves, and cross-docking
  • Track any vehicle in real-time and pin-point the location of a vehicle on a map
  • Obtain real-time data feeds on performance of vehicular components, driving patterns, and cargo-hold parameters
  • Automate the dispatch of jobs to the fleet using algorithms that take into consideration dynamic parameters from the environment
  • Respond to ad-hoc customer requests/orders
  • Provide customers with visibility into real-time order-fulfillment status, and forecast information of delivery timelines
  • Reduce the TCO of mobile assets by proactively tracking asset performance and maintenance 

Driver Management

  • Automatically record trips, location and driving behavior
  • Track the routes and real-time locations of your drivers
  • Effectively monitor driver activities, driving patterns & vehicle utilization
  • Easily create & manage driver profiles & schedules
  • Identify drivers with expired license
  • Alerts through email/SMS for long driving hours, driver-wise violations & much more
  • Statistical reports for better insights on driver management

Trip Scheduling & Route Planning

  • Create trips with specific waypoints & instructions. Schedule trips and predict optimal routes based on traffic.
  • A powerful Routing Engine with a route optimization algorithm, designed & developed to create routes based on user specified origins, waypoints and destinations
  • Accurate information on turn-by-turn driving directions, distance & estimated drive times
  • Generates the optimal route mix for your vehicles to meet your key objectives of least travel time & reduced costs
  • Automates the process of route planning
  • Easily find, plot, assess and print your route 

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Create better schedule for your vehicles maintenance
  • Create numerous maintenance plans based on the business rules
  • Keep track of unplanned maintenance done for vehicles
  • View the maintenance history based on the type of vehicles
  • Track the budgeted Vs actual cost of maintenance

Vehicle Tracking

  • Real time visibility of vehicle location
  • Historical data of routes, site visits, vehicle speeds, idling, driver behaviour and much more
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Monitor excessive speeding
  • Record out of hours / unauthorized vehicle use
  • Quickly find the exact location of vehicles by grid reference or place name search
  • Create your own personalized maps with custom geo-zones and landmarks
  • Real time traffic updates with notifications & alerts via email or SMS
  • View the historical data of all trips including distance, total travel hours, estimated time and other statistics 

Tracking Tyre Efficiency

  • Track the Tires by Tyre Serial Number or Tyre Card No.
  • Generation of the Tire Factsheet, giving all transactions and analysis of a Tire.
  •  Provision to record the inward of Tires (new purchase, remould, claim, claim reject, remould reject).
  •  Current Tires running on the Vehicles with its Current Mileage and Life.
  •  Tire Brand analysis to give the Tire Cost/Km. 

Advances and Trip Settlement

  • Recording of Advances with the Vehicle and Driver name
  • Auto settlement of the Advances on settling the Trip Log.
  • Auto Booking of the Expenses Booked at the time of creation of the Trip Log.
  • Complete analysis of the trip like Fuel Avg., Cost/Km, Kms/Day etc. on the Trip Settlement Sheet

Trident’s Logistics Solution, will not only help you manage your business with ease but also swiftly respond to evolving imperatives of business, regulatory changes, market conditions etc without having to go through the pains of integration again and again 

Integrated Suite

Covers end to end needs of all your Logistics operations

Capex Light

Deployment on the cloud with minimal Infra investment

Customer first approach

Through workflows to suite divers customers requirement

Optimisation Engine (IPO)

Provide optimal solution to your complex problems

Intelligent Visibility

With command centre acting as central control Towers

Intuitive & essay to use

Chatbolts, Mobility and Analytics to make transaction simple

HPCSL – Logistics

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics for enhancing every facet of operations-right from ICD to Fleet Management 


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