ERP for Fashion & Footwear Retailers
Fulfill customer wants, optimize stock blend, shred costs, and smoothen up the entire supply chain with a unified retail management solution. Manage items, pricing, and offers in different stores centrally. Avoid understocking or overstocking with live inventory tracking

The Ultimate Solution to Streamline Your Fashion Business from Head to Feet

Speed is the new demand in the fashion and textile market. However, it is next to impossible to achieve it with disparate IT systems running various aspects of your business.  

With LS Central, you can operate your complete fashion and footwear retail stores from suppliers to products, from sales to staff, from appointments to events, in-store and online – everything on the same platform.  

One of the most visible benefits of using LS Central is low IT costs. Users have also appreciated how well they are now able to manage their complete business using the same platform. They have wholesome control over their costs and can now make way better decisions promoting business growth. Watching customers return is another fantastic experience they come across.  

Get a competitive edge with robot functionalities crafted specifically for fashion retailers – from managing seasonality to budget to complex promos. Stay at the top of the competition.  

Our Solution is Well-suited for:

Accessories and luxury fashion retailers

Casualwear and sportswear shops

Domestic and international chains

Retailers who trade-in online and physical stores

Manage All Variants of Items

Keep up with the items you have, in what quantity, when you are most likely to run out, and what is in transit.  

  •  Get a transparent view of the inventories you hold and where, also, provide visibility to the customers on your online store. 
  • Get a straightforward view of item history individually, from active offers to price changes, to estimated stock at the season’s end, to profitability. 
  • Assign dimensions to every item such as color size, style, etc., and enhance the inventory maintenance. 
  • Access accurate stock coverage. Calculate how long your stock will last and note overstocked and understocked items.  

Order and Distribute Items Smartly

Optimize your stock replenishment with the help of this system. It provides multiple levels of user control to help the user administer distinct kinds of products.   

  • Manage merchandising budgets using the open-to-buy function.  
  • Manage seasonal products from planning to purchasing, to stores to allocation on available space. 
  • Automated replenishment helps you achieve optimal inventory levels. The application also calculates safety stock levels driven by sales variation.  
  • Based on the trends in sales history, its intelligent algorithms suggest what you should order. Powered by demand forecasting add-on LS Forecast.  

Run Promotions and Offers that Ensure Maximum Returns

Run targeted as well as general campaigns, track their respective responses and modify your strategies to boost revenue and loyalty.   

  • From discounts to buy-one-get-one deals, create offers and promotions you believe are the most suitable and run them in some or all of your chains. Save your cashier’s efforts as active offers are automatically applied.  
  • Boost customer services with personalized item recommendations. Add-on LS Recommend uses AI technology to put relevant product suggestions together on the POS site and at their eCommerce site as well.  
  • Generate a tiered loyalty program and connect with your customers making them feel special with customized offers, coupons, promotions, and rewards.  
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Become An Omnichannel Retailer

One of the best benefits of using a single platform for all your channels is that you can offer a consistent and personalized customer experience wherever and whenever they shop.    

  • Manage items, prices, offers, and promotions centrally; the system updates POS automatically followed by the eCommerce site and other relevant touchpoints. 
  • Allow your customers to purchase online and get their item delivered at home, or they can buy it and collect it from the shop or at the curbside: whatever their preference is.  
  • Let your customers order items from your POS that are available in your other store, warehouse, or vendor. 
  • Allow your customers to return or exchange items from a store even if it is not the same store, they bought them from.  

Everything You Need to Run an Accomplished Fashion and Footwear Store

Access Prompt Reports and Analytics

Make logical decisions based on real-time reports and data. Get enhanced intelligent analytics with AI-driven add-on LS Insights

Personalize Services

View customer loyalty history and coupons and understand their spending pattern. Optimize this data to provide customized recommendations. 

Give Your Buyers Clear Visibility

Visualize and manage your every purchase order and worksheets in a sole dashboard situated in the buyer’s workbench

Manage Events and Appointments

Book a stylist or organize ticketed events right from the POS or with an LS Activity add-on from the back office


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