Powerful Restaurant Management Software for Enhanced Customer Experience
From central kitchen management, to table handling, to a mobile point of sale, which is both powerful and simple to use, LS connects your restaurant operations and headquarters processes with ERP right out of the box, delivering value across your whole organization, allowing you to offer even more while maintaining the high standards of service you customers are used to.

The Restaurant and Food Service Industry is Rapidly Changing

  • As online and mobile ordering and paying become widespread, guests expect restaurants to be able to offer them a multi-channel experience.
  • In hospitality, it’s all about the experience. Operators need a reliable system that supports them in offering a consistently high-quality service.
  • Customer demands are changing quicker than ever before. To keep up, food businesses need to arm themselves with a system that is constantly being improved and modernized.
  • Restaurateurs need to establish a presence on social media: from food instagramming to restaurant reviewing websites, dining is becoming more and more social.
  • Analytics will play an ever-increasing role in identifying trends and customer behavior. 

A Point of Services, Not Just Sales

Give information, take orders and payments, check status of orders at the table

The LS Nav Hospitality Point of Sale (POS) suits different types of hospitality setups, from finr dining to quick services, cafes, bars, pubs and more.

Superior Customer Service

Provide outstanding service: armed with the LS Nav Hospitality POS, your staff can

  • send orders straight to the kitchen
  • give information about menu items, allergens, special offers and more
  • check the status of orders and tables
  • get notified from the kitchen when the food is ready
  • receive payments
  • hand out receipts
  • register customers into the loyalty program
  • increase sales with upselling and cross-selling suggestions
    anywhere on the restaurant premises. 

Quick Orders and Deliveries

Manage your call center and delivery service

offer your customers a punctual and precise ordering and delivery service.

Order history

To make the ordering process quicker, the call taker at the call center can select one of the cutomers’ older orders as basis for the new one.

Comment Section

Nav Hospitality, you can add notes for each registered customer. Include delivery specifications and special comments, and offer a more precise and personalised service. 

Internal Messaging

Head office and restaurant location can communicate with the call center, for example to inform call takers about upcoming offers, delays or missing ingredients in specific restaurant locations. 

Waiting Time Display

Call takers can see the current average production time in each restaurant, as well as the number of orders currently in process. Responders are thus able to choose the most convenient location, and let customers know when thier order will be ready. 

Two-way Communication with Restaurants

Call center operators can check the status of orders in different locations in real time. When a customer calls to ask if their dishes are ready, or to make changes yo an order, the call center can answer promptly and accurately. 

Easy Driver Dispatching

Orders can be manually assigned to drivers. Organise order delivery by street grid and plan the most efficient route for your drivers. 

Manage Tables and Guest

Amaze your diners with quick and precise service

Manage your tables accurately and offer your customers a consistent, timely and high-quality service.

Graphic view

Use the intuitive graphic table management system to handle optimal seating and maximize table turnover.

The table status feature allows waiters to:

  • view the status of tables in their section,
  • see which tables are free,
  • make sure that all guests have been served,
  • ensure that the orders have been promptly sent to the kitchen,
  • receive alerts for issues that need attention, for example if a table has not been attended for too long.

Great flexibility Managers can configure and activate multiple table setups, for example using different arrangements for brunch and dinner service.

The system also helps handle takeout orders by labeling them differently and queuing them in a special takeout order list. 

Organize Your Kitchen

Prepare and serve the right dishes, with speed and precision

Eliminate risks of miscommunication and prepare more dishes in less time.

A dynamic, effective kitchen

Waiters can send orders from the POS directly to the kitchen where they are printed on kitchen printers, shown on kitchen displays, or both – depending on your setup.

The kitchen printers and display system streamline the work in your kitchen. Waiters can send the orders from the POS directly to the kitchen where they are printed, shown on displays, or both – depending on your setup.

The kitchen display system streamlines the work in your kitchen. LS Nav Hospitality ensures that orders are sent to the correct display stations according to setup data. Restaurants can increase or decrease the number of stations according to their needs.

From the POS to the kitchen and back

The system allows for two-way communication. Orders, including modifiers, are sent from the POS to the display stations in the kitchen. The kitchen staff can then update the preparation status of each dish. The waiter receives a notification on the stationary and mobile POS warning that the dishes for his tables are ready to serve. 

An Organized, Flexible Menu

Centralized control of offers, recipes and ingredients

Add and manage recipes from back office, plan your purchases, set up deals and allow your customers to personalize their dish.

Manage Your Recipes

Enter and manage recipes for all your outlets from headquarters with the recipe management system. The program will take care of arranging them by style, category and ingredients.

Set up the estimated preparation time of each dish. When orders are sent to the kitchen, the system will automatically display items according to production time, helping your kitchen staff prepare and send out dishes timely and in the right order.

Sell Deals Sell Deals 

Set up meal deals and sell them at POS quickly and easily. The system lets you decide the specifics of each deal – whether they are valid for specific restaurants only, just for breakfast, for takeout only, and so on. Meal deals allow for the presence of modifiers, so that you can guarantee high flexibility in order to always meet your customers’ needs.

Buy the Right Amount of Ingredients

Plan your ingredients expenditure with LS Nav Hospitality. The software solution helps you create menus or meal plans, which can then be shared from central office throughout the business, down to every POS. Use the system to calculate the type and quantity of ingredients that you will need to buy to produce your meals.

Manage Prices and Offers

Centralized control over prices and promotions

Set multiple prices valid at different times and special offers based on location, customer loyalty level or both.

Flexible pricing

LS Nav Hospitality allows you to set your pricing based on a number of parameters, including time, date, place, or unit of measure. This means that you could sell the same drink or meal at a different price depending on location, time of the day, or whether the product is consumed in-house or as takeout.

Large variety of offers

LS Nav Hospitality supports a wide range of special offers and promotions. Set up happy hour offers, breakfast deals, discounts active during specific days or months and more.

Are your promotions for all diners, or only for your most loyal ones? Set up offers for customer segments and decide which parameters should trigger the promotion – transaction amount, customer or loyalty groups, tender types, coupons, and more.

Total automation

LS Nav Hospitality supports a great number of offer combinations, enabling you to activate more than one promotion at the same time. Thanks to the system’s automations, you do not need to rely on your staff remembering which promotions are going on: based on settings, valid offers are automatically applied to all purchases that qualify for them.“

  • Item and recipe management
  • Meal plan management
  • Meals deals and offers
  • Price, offer, coupon and campaign management
  • Dynamic hierarchy, attributes and other groupings of items
  • Automatic and manual replenishment
  • Quick centralised configuration of the POS look and feel
  • Loyalty program, mobile loyalty and portal management
  • Sales reporting and analysing
  • Vendor performance
  • Finance, receivables and payables
  • Call center
  • Staff management
  • Loss prevention analysis
  • BI- Business Intelligence 
  • Dashboard for restaurant operations
  • ash management
  • Restaurant replenishment
  • Receiving stock
  • Stock counting and adjustments
  • Sales history
  • Simple end-of-day statements
  • Kitchen displays
  • Kitchen printing
  • Delivery management
  • Takeout management
  • Drive-thru management 
  • Easy-to-use POS/mobile POS
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Broad POS hardware support
  • Table management
  • Register covers
  • Order to seat/customer
  • Modifies: toppings, extras, sizes
  • Order sequence process at POS
  • Items cross and up-selling
  • Loyalty benefits at POS
  • Multiple payment types
  • Operate locally, configure centrally
  • Fast checkout
  • Transferring and joining tables
  • Quick bill splitting 
  • Mobile loyalty on variouse devices
      • iOS
      • Android
      • Windows
  • Personalized offers and notifications
  • Mobile access to product information
  • Map of locations with directions
  • Easy loyalty registration and access 

Customer Segmentation, Loyalty and Mobile POS

Build an omni-channel brand presence and ensure returning customers.

With LS Nav Hospitality you will be able to offer multi-channel loyalty schemes. Enable your guests to earn and use points in your locations, on your e-commerce site and through the mobile app. Loyalty schemes can both increase retention and give you invaluable knowledge into your customers’ habits and preferences. Use this intelligence to segment your customers and offer them personalized discounts and offers. Extend your presence and customer base by enabling ordering via ecommerce and mobile loyalty. Enhance your brand on all your channels, as our program supports social media communication from head office to both website and mobile devices. 

Mobile Point of Sale

Take orders and payments straight at the tables with the mobile POS. Improve your customer service by providing quickly and easily information about menu items, special offers and more. Do not force your customers to go queue at the cash register; with the mobile POS you can take payments and hand out receipts at the table-side, quickly and flexibly. 


Reward your Customers Easily

Loyalty points are assigned automatically, no matter if the order was taken at the restaurant Point of Sale, at the mobile POS or through the loyalty app.
Each menu item can also be customized to give variable points.
Customers can also choose to use their loyalty points as a form of payment at any time. 

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