Reinforce your Electronic Retail Chain with Centralized Software
Track fast-moving stock in your brick-and-mortar store and ensure high-quality services. Centrally manage offers, customers, prices, and promotions. Offer easy in-store exchange and returns of online bought products.

Complete ERP for Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Stores

Rapid changes in trends are something electronic retailers often come across. With LS Retail software they can provide the services and products in demand via online and offline platforms, and that too with the least effort. Allow this automated unified system to balance your stock levels so you do not end up piling up the items which will get outdated soon.  

LS Retail is a unified platform that covers your complete business. Whether online or in-store, you can manage everything in one place. From managing customers to inventory, to finances to reporting to operations. It optimizes your workflow and compels customers to hop back to your business.  It has become a lot easier than ever to manage your complete business operations, oversee your performance, understand customer behavior, and quickly respond to spontaneous market changes.  


Our Solution is Well-suited for:

Technology, home appliances, and electronics retailers

Domestic and international stores

Retailers offer services such as consultations and repairs


Stock the Right Quantity of Items

Track your current stock availability in real-time and use robust analytics to keep demand and inventory aligned perfectly.  

  • Get a clear overview of the item’s history you sell past and current prices, profitability, active offers, and expected stock levels at the end of the season.  
  • Keep your stock levels down while preventing out-of-stock times using a blend of automated and manual replenishment tools.  
  • Access accurate stock coverage and avoid understocking or overstocking. Also, see how long your current inventory will last.  
  • Divide stocks among your chains based on their capacity and needs. Optimize the number and blend of products based on how much each store can support

Encourage Loyalty with Customer Gratification

Provide Personalized service and offers that drive customers back.  

  • Establish loyalty programs with rewards, and customized offers based on their purchase history and points. 
  • Boost cross-selling and upselling in-store and online with relevant product recommendations driven by LS Recommend (AI add-on). 
  • Implement promotions and offers in some or all your chains, track their progress and adjust them to gain the maximum benefits.  
  • Run POS on handheld devices to provide a quick and customized service smoothly.

Run an Omnichannel Business

Keep your customers happy and ensure their loyalty in-store or online however they prefer to shop with you.  

  • Manage prices, items, customers, and promotions centrally. LS Central updates all information across all the touchpoints automatically including the eCommerce site and POS. 
  • Drive repeat business with effective loyalty programs that offer points and targeted offers in-store and online.  
  • Empower your customers with enough flexibility to decide how they want their order to reach them (after ordering items online or at POS)- collect at the store, delivered at home, or pick up at the locker or the curbside.  
  • Ensure easy return or exchange offers after online or offline shopping from your store.

Everything you Need to Run an Accomplished Electronics Store

Simplify warranty lockups and returns

No invoice? Don’t sweat it. Trace items with barcodes, serial numbers, and alternative identifiers, and turn warranty lockups and return a breeze.  

Streamline Staff Management

Compare worked hours to assigned hours, plan and divide staff roasters, and calculate premiums, commissions, holiday pay, and extras easily.  

Sell on Handheld

Take payments, help shoppers with product details, and even run vital inventory and back-office functions on mobile devices. 

Manage Booking and Sell Services

Sell slots for your online bakery course or book a consultation with an in-house IT technician using the same platform for both.


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