Engage More Customers on your eCommerce platform 

An eCommerce store is a digital retail store, and according to certain studies, it will claim around 17% of the industry by the end of 2022. This spontaneous growth, however, it has given rise to e-commerce challenges. An ERP Software for eCommerce can help aid challenges such as:  

  • Inability to systematically capture data and apply it innovatively.  
  • Difficulty in fulfilling the ever-evolving customer demands.  
  • Tough time integrating the current system with modern technology  
  • Limited personalization options are left for the customer.  
  • Cut-throat competition makes it hard to attract more customers.  
  • Data security and malware threats are of key concern.  
  • Lack of data backup can bring you to square one. 

An eCommerce platform is way more convenient than a brick-and-mortar store. Customers can see the product availability and personalized recommendations. This Retail Cloud ERP Software integrated all the channels and centralized the control.  

How ERP Software for eCommerce Helps Attracting More Customers to your eCommerce Platform?  

Attracting customers to an eCommerce platform is not as easy as it sounds. Both Old and new eCommerce are aware that bringing traffic to an online store needs more effort than just creating and advertising it. ERP Software for eCommerce coupled with certain strategies can help you achieve your desired traffic.  

Omnichannel Strategies  

Omnichannel retailing allows a seamless shopping experience throughout all channels. It boosts eCommerce sales with its capacity to sell on multiple platforms with your eCommerce products and inventories.  

Customized Recommendations  

This CRM for eCommerce uses Power BI (Business Intelligence). It extracts customer details from all the touchpoints. Later turns them into insightful and actionable reports. This data helps generate customized recommendations. It helps generate a personalized list of items the customer might be interested in purchasing. Eventually, boosting customer engagement, cross-selling, and upselling.  

Deals and Offers  

By tracking customer details with insightful reports generated by D365 for Retail, eCommerce retailers can segregate according to their searches and recommend suitable deals and offers on certain products. Otherwise, they can also create individual offers for their customers. VIP customers can get exclusive discounts.  

Easy Return or Exchange Policy  

To maintain customer engagement on your eCommerce website, the key aspect is building trust. If your customers are not confident enough before buying your product, you are losing prospects. Assure your customers they can return or exchange a product if they are not satisfied with the delivery. This option secures their interest, and they feel more confident purchasing from you, knowing they will not lose their money.  

Live Chat Support  

Allowing a live chat option to your customers when your customer support for a quick resolution can make an enormous difference in your customer base. Losing track of product data can worry them. It can even drive them to shift to your competition. This ERP Software for eCommerce enables a live chat option where customers can connect with one of your representatives and resolve their queries. Having someone to talk to inform them regarding their order makes them feel secure.  

Product Tracking 

Let your customers track their products. Inform them when it is dispatched, where it is right now, and approximately when it will reach their doorsteps. Empower them to access their product’s current location. Missing this very feature can cause a massive decline in your eCommerce platform customer base.  

How does LS Central for Retail Support your eCommerce? 

 LS Central for Retail is a solution for retailers enabling the same software solution you currently use to manage the rest of your retail business. You can optimize omnichannel and simplify your business. Additionally, you also empower your customers to choose when, where, and how they want to shop.  

Data Maintenance in a Centralized Source 

This is a centralized commerce approach, where all your business data: from prices to inventory availability, is maintained in a sole source, the ERP Software for eCommerce. You can extract real-time updated data from all the touchpoints without having to click anywhere else; the system takes charge. Without any extra effort, you can show consistent and updated data on your website.  

A Pre-set Integration of Your eCommerce Site 

LS Central has partnered with some of the best-known global eCommerce platform providers. It offers a unique integration between LS Central, Avensia storefront, Magento, and Dynamics web. The ERP Software for eCommerce does the demanding work for you so you could focus on other activities adding to your business upliftment.  

Consistent Shopping Experience Throughout all the Channels 

With D365 for Retail, you can empower your customers to decide when, where, and how they want to receive their order. With ERP Software for eCommerce, you have all your channels synchronized; you can centrally manage them.  

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