This is How LS Central Supports Your Online Retail Business  

When people could not get out of their houses to shop, online retail platforms fulfilled their needs. Many used ERP Software for Retailers to polish their services and provide seamless customer services. As per data from Finaria, there has been an increase of 9.5% year on year among eCommerce users throughout the globe. Therefore, online shoppers now exceed 3.4 billion and are further expected to reach 4.9 billion by 2025.  

While a boost in traffic lays a path for new opportunities for your online retails, it comes up with challenges as well. According to a study by Shopify, eCommerce competition has reached record levels – powered by legacy wholesalers, product categories, and global retail giants. It shared customer acquisition costs.   

Having customers with grand expectations and little patience for retailers who are disappointed to deliver the expected services. According to ZX Research, in the past three years, nearly two-thirds of customers confessed to shifting loyalties to a brand after one bad experience. ERP Software for eCommerce like LS Retail provides a robust platform that supports all the tools you need to provide the best customer service. For Instance, Power BI extracts data from multiple touchpoints and creates insightful and actionable reports.  

To beat the competition in this ever-evolving world, you need to use suitable products, great customer services, and the right technology platform. LS Retail ERP Software for Retailers is a unified platform that is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for retailers who operate brick-and-mortar stores. Not a lot of them know that online retailers can leverage this technology.  

How ERP Software for Retailers Strengthen Your Ecommerce Business Holistically?  

 LS Retail is one of the most renowned retail management software so far. LS Central is an extension to Dynamics 365 Business Central and offers a unified platform to manage ERP and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) on the same platform. It is ideal for a retail business that runs on a Brick-and-mortar structure and an online platform as well. Given below are some of the factors that contribute to upgrading and streaming your overall retail business.  

Get a Single Vision of Truth  

Since LS Central is a unified commerce solution, it covers your entire retail business from the back to the front office. From ERP to financials, to sales, to POS (point of sale), to inventory, to offers and promos, everything is managed by this ERP Software for Retailers. be it online or offline, it extracts and stores information on a single source so you can get all the information using the same platform. It cuts your time on finding the necessary data and delivers what you need in just a few clicks. 

Allowing a single point of access to a single version of truth enables automatic data transfer from your eCommerce site to your ERP. You have nothing to do, use this opportunity to strengthen your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).  

An entrepreneur in Central America called José Escobar was looking for a Retail ERP Software to manage his new online grocery store. After extensive research and product demos, he ended up choosing LS Retail for his online business. Its flexible services coupled with agile tools intrigued him. A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner also verified its credibility.  

Fulfills Specified Industry Requirements  

Whatever you sell, be it pet products, chocolates, garments, grocery, or a blend of any, this ERP Software for Retailers is designed to fit retailers’ needs of whatever platform they prefer; online, offline, or a blend. This ERP Software For Retail Industry even covers the needs and challenges of the sub-head of the retail industry and helps the user to tap into the best industrial practices and compete with marketplace challenges better.  

Its flexibility and agility are what attract business people across the world. People with different retail business backgrounds prefer LS Retail. Its platform-as-a-service facilitates app-building easily even for those who do not belong to a technical background.  

Meets Dynamic Customer Demands  

LS Central ensures consistent customer service across all your digital channels. Customers surfing on your eCommerce website can track real-time available stocks and check their updated prices. Therefore, they will not try to order out-of-stock items. Since everything is connected, they can have consistent information on all the websites, promotions, product recommendations, coupons, and other offers. This ERP Software for Retailers using Power BI understands customer behavior by tracking their purchase history and spending pattern. It then creates insightful in-depth reports which are used in creating loyalty programs.  

Eradicates Data Silos and Aids Better Business Decisions  

Customers who shifted to LS Central are those who have previously experienced working on siloed systems where a multitude of different software was used. This structure fostered blind spots and led to poor business decisions.  

In order to get a full-fledged view of the business, you must create a centralized data set that comprises sales information, contact center, website data, marketing details, and other things that customers can access. It is a vast effort that demands heavy investments; a slight breakage in any system may cause data loss. This commonly occurs during updating one of the systems.  

However, this is not the case with LS Central, where you can get a unified view of the entire business with no extra effort. This ERP Software for Retailers covers your entire business in one place. Delivering a bigger picture of your business, it detects strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities so you can make better business decisions.  

Cuts Costs and Maximizes Revenue  

As soon as you put your entire information on one server, you cut administration and training costs that come from using multiple software solutions. A unified software ensures a transparent and current view of your inventory requirements. Hence, you avoid overstocking and understocking. Moreover, having real-time, enterprise-wide visibility in your sales and customer support optimum price strategies so you could get a bigger share of the customer’s wallet.  

LS Central is one of the most renowned cloud-based ERP Software for Retailers. Supported by Azure this software ensures the maximum level of security. The data is automatically uploaded to the Azure cloud preventing data loss. It integrates ERP and CRM on the same platform and ensures an integrated and smooth experience.  

If you are looking for an implementation partner, you may Contact Trident Information Systems, a gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation partner, and Diamond LS Retail implementation partner.