AX to D365 Finance and Operation Migration

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Dynamics AX if You Haven’t Already

Keeping up with rapidly changing technologies is a crucial duty for businesses seeking success. It is critical to stay on the latest technology to thrive in the market. Therefore, AX to D365 Finance and Operation Migration is also extremely critical. There are plenty of reasons behind it: Dynamics AX 2012’s mainstream support from Microsoft ceased in October 2021, hence AX to D365 Finance and Supply Chain Management Upgrade is in demand. 

Finance, SCM, or Dynamics 365 commerce are in demand these days. Nevertheless, there is another reason you should get rid of D365 AX. That is, Microsoft hasn’t upgraded Dynamics AX in a while, thus it’s gradually losing much of its usefulness. 

Furthermore, on-premises infrastructure will only push you back when most enterprises are moving to the cloud. In brief, implementing AX to D365 Finance and Operation Migration will eventually help you survive in this fiercely competitive market. 

This blog will further discuss the advantages of D365 Migration for your company. 

What Will You Get After AX to D365 Finance and Operation Migration? 

Given below are the top 5 advantages of AX to D365 Finance and Operation Migration, and how it will let your business become more productive.  

Cloud-based Solution  

The architecture is the primary factor in choosing D365 F&O over Dynamics AX. Because Dynamics AX is an on-premises platform, users are required to host the application on local servers. Whereas, Microsoft Cloud Azure service hosts and powers Dynamics 365, a cloud-based software. 

The fact, that the entire ecosystem is managed by the service provider, is the greatest convenience of using cloud-based services. Besides, Dynamics 365 allows access whenever you want on any OS or browser. 

Regular Updates  

The constant improvement is just another convincing argument to Upgrade AX to D365 Finance and Operation Module. When you select D365 F&O, you can get frequent software upgrades increasing the functionalities of your program. Three updates in a row can also be paused thanks to technology. 

You can decide the features to enable or deactivate, and it’s not necessary to download all the updates. And gaining access to the latest technology will help you increase your firm’s productivity, profitability, and sustainability. Further, the routine system upgrades absolve your IT staff of the duty of managing or upgrading the software. 

Robust and Innovative Features  

After AX to D365 Finance and Operation Migration, you can get a creative and expansive set of D365 features. In fact, according to reports, D365 has about 3700 features and specialized solutions designed for particular businesses. 

These characteristics are linked to several horizontal tasks. Product technology, sales management, manufacturing management, inventory management, financial accounting, and human resources management are what you can expect here. 

D365 F&O is the all-in-one ERP System every firm needs because of how these features and functions interact. In addition, these components work together to greatly improve corporate performance. Thus, providing productivity and customer satisfaction. 

Intuitive Interface 

The user interface is one of the most obvious differences between Dynamics AX 2012 and D365 F&O. Users have to use Dynamics AX from the desktop, and it has a standard ERP user interface. In contrast, Dynamics 365’s user interface is cutting-edge and approachable. It is accessible via web and mobile browsers, unlike Dynamics AX, allowing users to utilize it whenever they choose. An internet connection and a gadget are all you need to get started. 

Moreover, the Workspaces component of the Dynamics 365 F&O interface allows users to create unique queues and links to assist them with daily chores. Overall, the user-centric design of Dynamics 365 eases user access to services more quickly while improving innovative and team experiences. 


Being a Cloud-based ERP Solution, Dynamics 365 enables services to be scaled as and when necessary. Therefore, with AX to D365 Finance and Operation Migration, you can extend your services as your business expands. Besides, this suggests that you won’t need to put down a sizable deposit. Furthermore, as your business expands, you can start with the bare minimum package of services and progressively add more resources. 

Again, you can alter the level of service provided based on the size of your team, your budget, and the modules and apps your team needs. As a Result, making D365 F&O a more affordable option thanks to its subscription-based approach. Due to no resource waste, you just pay for the services you use rather than a whole bundle. Microsoft D365 is well renowned among enterprises for a reason after all. It is neither messy, nor out-of-your budget.

Summing up, by utilizing the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure Cloud Platform, and our distinctive, sector-specific services, Trident Information Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, helps companies create the optimal digital transformation strategy. If AX to D365 Finance and Operation Migration is of interest to you. Please Contact Us Here Now.