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How Can Trident Assist You in Getting Happy and Returning Customers in Your Restaurant?  

Running a restaurant is not easy. Especially, if you are running multiple chains. Many restaurants choose to work on disparate systems as it seems “easy” to them. However, what they don’t know are the complexities that tag along. You may feel you have saved a bunch of money but that is never the case. Siloes systems cannot provide accurate and timely insights, nor do they help you manage all your chains centrally. Instead, you should always opt for Supermarket Software such as LS Central. Nevertheless, even the best Restaurant Management Software cannot be optimized if you can’t get a suitable LS Retail Implementation Partner.  

After implementing a Restaurant Application, you need Customer Support to keep it running smoothly. Being an extension of Microsoft Dynamics 365, LS Central is one of the most agile Restaurant Management System around the world. With its robust analytics, visibility, and favorable tools, any restaurant can see a significant positive change in its business environment. Moreover, Trident Information Systems is a Diamond LS Retail Implementation Partner and a Gold D365 Implementation Partner who has helped several restaurants grow and reach their ultimate profit goals.  

Get Repeated Business with Trident Information Systems! 

Trident Information Systems is one of the most renowned LS Retail Diamond Partner in India. We provide a set of services designed especially for your restaurants. Whether you have 5 chains or 10 chains, Trident offers the best solution to support your needs. Further, it offers:  

Complete Customization with LS Retail Implementation Partner 

Every restaurant is different and so are its needs. Trident is one of the most recognized LS Retail Implementation Partner that thoroughly researches your business needs and finds gaps. Sometimes, even the business doesn’t know its hidden needs. Hence, we scan them and suggest suitable tools for them. From installing LS Retail POS to managing loyalty to installing software and hardware, Trident takes everything into the account.  

According to your business size and needs, we customize a set of functionalities designed just for you. Trident is perfect if your business is scaling even further as we are equipped with agile resources to manage just that. Having the right equipment, tools, and functionalities at hand will ensure you optimize your resources and maximize profit.  

Attract More Customers and Retain Existing with Accurate Insights  

You can only attract customers when you know what they want. With Power BI Services, you can get accurate and real-time insights. And therefore, understand their spending pattern and purchasing habits. You need accurate and on-time customer insights to make successful strategies.  

Guesswork can often be risky. Therefore, it is recommended to choose LS Central Software Solution which guarantees real-time insights in the shape of insightful dashboards. It further makes it easy for you to create loyalty programs for individuals, groups, or everyone. 

Moreover, you can find the most popular dishes and make variations. It will become easier to do successful experiments and they will be based on insights. For instance, your dashboard suggests lobster rolls are your most loved dish. Hence, you can introduce more lobster dishes or lobster roll variations.  

Control Every Chain in Different Location from the Headquarters 

If you have multiple chains, you need an extremely agile Hospitality Management System. Imagine having to manage different businesses in different locations manually. How will you make time to enhance your services for your customers? It would become extremely easy if you could sit at a place and gain real-time visibility throughout your ventures and impose new policies. And likewise, abolishing the ones not that are surviving you anymore.  

Controlling everything from the same spot using the same database saves a ton of your time. Consecutively, you get enough time to make your services better while making your customers want to revisit your restaurant. 

After Go-Live Support 

Uninterrupted services are all that customers want. After implementing the agile Microsoft Restaurant ERP Software, your LS Retail Implementation Partner will ensure you get smoothly flowing tools. Trident ensures you get 24/7 support, so your business remains operated all the time. It deals with any error or issue arising in your Restaurant Inventory Management Software 

. Furthermore, the support executives will guide you on how to use the tools like inventory tools, insight tools, and so on. This will ensure you get smooth enough operations to get delighted customers.  


Your LS Retail Implementation Partner will then train your staff thoroughly. However, it may not take too long for them to learn due to its user-friendly interface. Your trained employees will ensure your customers get smooth services. With hand-held devices, they can take orders straight from the table and send them to the KDS (Kitchen Display System) to the right chef. Similarly, they can use their mobile device to take orders from one table and bills from the other.  

If you are looking for an LS Retail Implementation Partner, you can contact Trident Information Systems. We are a Gold D365 Implementation Partner and LS Retail Diamond Partner. With years of experience, we have managed to help various businesses thrive in the market with powerful insights and customized solutions. For further information, Contact Us Today.