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Give your apparel retail and manufacturing business a boost with LS Central. Eliminate fashion pain points, centrally manage your business, keep up with the change in trends, and much more.

#1 Apparel Manufacturing Software - Beat the Cut-throat Competition and Thrive

Get ready to beat challenges with a unified Apparel Retail and manufacturing solution. Centrally manage your business with LS Central, track your customer behavior and understand trends change, and enforce call to action on your customers. Eliminate fashion pain points, improve demand forecasts, and suggest better allocation and replenishment strategies. 

Challenges in Apparel Retail and Manufacturing Industry

Concealed with challenges like long manufacturing period, competitive landscape, multiplex size, bi-annual buying cycles, change in fashion trends, color, and size, omnichannel, forecasting, and so on. The retailers are bound to become flexible and adaptable.  

  • Raw-Material, Storage, and Warehouse Issues    
  • Integration Problems    
  • Production Delays   
  • Inventory Management    
  • Garment Defects     
  • Ever Changing Customer Demands 
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LS Central – Centralized Unified Solution for Apparel & Fashion Manufacturing

Embrace an all-in-one solution for apparel retailers and manufacturers. Manage, Stock, and distribute items smartly.
Manage items, prices, and promotions, and track end-of-the-season sales progress.

Omni Channel Visibility

Centrally look up to your entire operation with integrated services using LS Central, in-store, web, and mobile. Let the buyer receive their product whenever and wherever they prefer 

Multi-Channel Integration

Our multiple channel integration helps click and reconnect your channels where customers can place an order on the eCommerce web platform, from the ease of their homes 

Customer Behavior Tracking

Track your customer’s recent purchases, history, and information in one click. You can easily identify various customer profiles that you can later use to create loyalty programs.

Assign Orders Instantly

Keep tabs on your stock in real-time with our robust inventory management and access analysis of sales data. Get better business sales insights and make better inventory purchases 

Ls Central for Retail Apparel

LS Central combines every feature under the same platform: inventory management, mobility, reporting, promotions, and customer accounts. One of the most useful features for apparel retailers is the Point-of-Sale solution. 

Retail POS

It offers to set up trade agreements, discounts, and promotions. It also analyzes and issues loyalty cards to encourage sales growth. Check up on the stock and transfer it if necessary 

Web / Mobile POS

It allows seamless customer service, entering the product in the sales basket after scanning. It also allows you to search for an item by code, text, or image, resulting in quick and smooth service. 

Smart Mobile Inventory

You can manage your inventory via your mobile device. Avail it on your android and perform stock counting, check up on received goods, lookup for an item, transfer stock, and purchases. 

Back Office

With LS Central back-office services, you can configure your stores, customers, POS terminal, product data, and customer accounts, set up loyalty programs, and analyze your data 

Ls Central for Apparel Manufacturing

There are many challenges that apparel manufacturers go through, however, having a unified solution can change the game. LS Central provides a unified solution for manufacturers and offers all the necessities under the same platform

Production Orders

Generate and order production orders, you can compute net requirements as per the production order, also you can view assumed and actual costs once it is completed 

Basic Supply Planning

Adopt the master production scheduling and material planning based on demand. Propose production orders with the help of a planning worksheet to generate required orders 

Demand Forecasting

You can manage your demand forecast based on items. Get sales forecasts to comply with products and components more easily (on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis).  

Capacity Planning

Add capacities to the manufacturing operations. Set new routing and use it for your production orders. Also, check up on the loads and task lists of the same. 

Sales Order Processing

You can generate sales orders straight from email requests via Outlook. Look up inventory availability, create purchase orders, and email order confirmation straight from the transactions. 

Trade Partners Collaboration

Seamlessly communicate with the trade partner, boost communication and transactions with EDI connectors and messages ranging from business information, from advance notice to purchases

Benefits of LS Central for Apparel Retail and Manufacturing Industry

Get Accurate Financial Data : Boost revenue and cut costs due to complications caused by faulty data. Have real-time data at hand and chop down what does not serve you any longer.  

Complete control of business : Tackle risks and centrally control your business with a full-fledged solution. Get a complete overview of your business and make decisions accordingly.   

 Integrate Online and Offline Shopping : With Omni Channel, integrate online and offline shopping platforms. Allow your customers to browse through your store online as well as offline.  

Easy Customizations : Level up POS terminal flexibility via an easy-to-use customizable app. Track customer behavior and set up loyalty programs individually for each customer.  

Get Real-Time Data : Access real-time data and look for acute transactions, such as returns and refunds. Check up on things you can cut costs on and let in modern technology accordingly.  

Reporting/ Dashboard :  You can access real-time data via our dashboard and get deeper insights into your business. Make better decisions with accurate data straight from the dashboard.  



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