ERP for Food and Beverage
ERP for Food & Beverage has all the right ingredients to manage your complex operations, financial, and compliance requirements. Industry-rich functionality is delivered in the cloud & On Premise , which means you get greater business agility as you grow, with hassle-free ownership and security that follows best

All in One ERP For Food & Beverages -Your Secret Ingredient to Success

Food safety regulations, ingredient traceability, shelf-life tracking, recipe management and seasonal demand forecasting are just a few of the ever-changing challenges that Food and Beverage manufacturing companies face on a daily basis. Whether you specialize in produce, beverages, frozen entreés or canned goods, with the industry-specific solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Aptean’ Food ERP & LS Retail, food manufacturers gain the tools necessary to succeed and flourish.

Trident’s Solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365

Offers a comprehensive solution. That means that every single aspect of your business, from human resources and financial management to warehouse control and quality assurance, are completely connected. Mix in industry-specific features for food and beverage manufacturing, then add a dash of advanced mobile and shop floor technology and Microsoft Dynamics 365  delivers you a recipe for success.

Microsoft Dynamics 365   Software highlights include:

  • Recipe flexibility with batch processing capabilities and industry-specific BOMs that assist reformulation
  • Multiple UOMs supported (volume, weight, pounds, cases, etc.)
  • Individual and multi-plant seasonal demand forecasting
  • Accurate and transparent inventory control by user, including batch, lot and serial number traceability to optimize turns and track expiration or best-by dates
  • Private labeling functionality
  • Robust scheduling engine to handle volume scheduling, advanced sequencing, wait times and other complex scheduling requirements
  • Conquering Food & Beverage Industry Regulations
  • Complete, two-way lot traceability (from the fields to the grocery store shelves and back) for a transparent and accurate supply chain, including raw material purchasing and quick recall identification
  • Expiration, spoilage and shelf-life tracking using first-expire, first-out (FEFO) logic to minimize waste and optimize your inventory
  • Robust labeling options to avoid costly mislabeling errors and regulatory fines

Food & Beverage Vertical Segments

Shelf-Stable Bottling, Canning and Packaging

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions for the shelf-stable bottling, canning and packaging sector allow these companies to manage the complexities of their supply chain from forecasting item location demand through material procurement. Streamlining production processes and minimizing inventory has never been easier than with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ’s integrated planning tools.

Distilleries, Wineries and Brewing

Alcoholic beverage manufacturers face difficult long term forecasting requirements for planning at multiple product levels. Sophisticated tools from Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help manage the long and intermittent processing steps of this industry while satisfying changing consumer tastes and maintaining compliance with strict export regulations.

Frozen Foods

Frozen food manufacturers require accountability and traceability of products that ensure they will always be stored and transported at the correct temperature, in controlled environments. Effectively managing 3PL distribution and contract manufacturing partners while minimizing distribution and manufacturing costs is critical.

Creameries and Fresh Foods

Perishable raw materials, products with short shelf lives, and maintaining quality and costs are a few of the complexities facing creameries and fresh food manufacturers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps track and trace products, adapt to changing labeling requirements and plan around short shelf lives to deliver products safely, on time and profitably.

Candy and Confectionery

Candy and confectionery manufacturers focus on the artisanship of producing products from fine chocolates to sugary treats to satisfy the demands of a global marketplace. To accomplish this, they must effectively manage inventories, run production lines efficiently and smoothly, and coordinate multiple distribution channels from retailers to company owned stores.

Meat and Fish Processing

Managing inventory levels and streamlining operations while providing full product traceability is critical for meat and fish processing companies to compete in today’s fast past environment. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows you to maximize profits, minimize costs and provide timely deliveries to your customers while maintaining food safety throughout he supply chain.

Proficient Compliance and Quality management, with Food & Beverages ERP Software

  • Redefine and compare quality standards with ISO and Six Sigma
  • Swiftly escalate food safety issues, if any
  • Record batch details and where it has been dispatched for prompt recall.
  • Schedule and maintain record of Batch testing.
  • Manage audits, digital signatures and many more.

Food & Beverages Clients

Leading Food Service Provider – IOT

Technology Specialists For Food Service Enterprises, Globally. We enable the use of Enterprise mobility & IoT to grow their profitability, empower their salesforce & enrich their customer’s Lives. IT is a major Indian sweets and snacks manufacturer based in India. The company has manufacturing plants in Nagpur, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bikaner. IT has its own retail chain stores and a range of restaurants in India, and international market. 


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