Do Not Make These Mistakes or You Can Lose Massive Sales Opportunities In This Festive Season

Many merchants discovered the hard way that the busy holiday shopping season would overwhelm their e-commerce platforms. The holiday season was often a textbook illustration of how not to do business, from shipping the wrong product to canceling orders owing to stockouts to making returns of broken goods challenging. There is no doubt that many merchants still have a lot to learn about selling – and keeping customers pleased – across various channels. Successful businesses use robust technology such as ERP software for Ecommerce to keep up with the uncertainties and smooth out the sales process.  

#1 Do Not Make Promises You Know You Can’t Keep  

On December 10, Anna is browsing an established retailer’s online store. She chooses to get the ideal lamp for her brother. The order has been accepted, and delivery will take place in 5 working days. An email notifying Anna that her order had to be canceled owing to stock availability was sent to her a week later. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please accept our apology. Now that Christmas is just a few days away, Anna doesn’t have a present for her brother and doesn’t have time to go out and get one. But at least she has the store’s sincere regrets! That will improve everything right away! 

Quick Fix: Integrate Your Channels with ERP software for Ecommerce 

For their consumers’ buying experiences to be seamless, retailers that offer omnichannel shopping must link their channels. In the event that your channels are not connected, you can sell something on your online store only to discover after the fact that it is genuinely out of stock. Because the e-commerce portal uses the general ledger to retrieve real-time stock information, a system with true omnichannel integration, like LS Retail ERP software for eCommerce, ensures that your online store always contains up-to-date product information. 

#2 Delivering the Wrong Item  

When Marco discovers that the shorts he ordered online have arrived in time for his sun and sea vacation, he is overjoyed. But as soon as he opens the package, he sees the sizing is off. He double-checks his order: even though he marked XL, a Small was received instead. He will never be able to change the thing before his departure because he is departing in two days. 

Quick Fix: Get Visibility into the Value Chain  

Retailers lose an average of 4.4% of their sales due to customer returns. Returns frequently occur for causes outside the retailer’s control. However, you only have yourself to blame when you are the reason. Even if not all returns can be avoided, an effective ERP software for Ecommerce can help lower the risk of returns by, for instance, guaranteeing that consumers who make online purchases receive the precise item they bought – in the right model, color, and size. 

#3 Not Interacting with the Customers Very Well  

Linda purchased an evening gown online, but it arrived late. She worries that she might not have it in time for her new year’s celebration. She tries to follow the order, but the website doesn’t provide a way for her to do so. Linda emails customer service, but all she gets in return is an automated message saying, “Thank you for your email. We will investigate your issue after learning about your difficulty and expressing our concern. Warm regards. A few days later, Linda calls customer service but doesn’t get a clear response. She requests that they postpone the dress and makes the decision to go downtown and buy whatever she can find at the mall at the last minute. 

Quick Fix: Keep Communication Channel Open  

How would your customers know if you did your packing and shipment on time if you didn’t tell them? Your level of communication defines the level of gratification your customers will get. The best strategy is to stay true and provide transparency for building trust between you and your customers. Always be straightforward with your customers even before they start purchasing from you. Imagine how humiliating it will be for your customers to see a message that states, “extra charges for bulky items”, or “we only ship in Canada” after making a purchase. Avoid making these mistakes.  

Mistakes are common. However, to avoid big mistakes you must employ ERP software for eCommerce. Prefer a platform that combines Retail ERP and CRM at the same time, like LS Retail ERP. If you wish to implement LS Retail Software Solution, you can Contact Trident Information Systems, a Diamond LS Retail Partner.