Bundle Up with an All-inclusive Retail Software to Meet Your Supreme Standards
Spoil your customers with individually crafted promotions and offers just for them. Offer exceptional services and optimal assortment. Track items available online and in each of your offline stores.

All-in-One Solution for Retailers of Fine Watches, Luxury Items, and Jewelry

A jewelry retailer needs to deliver exceptional services. LS retail guarantees clear visibility on your inventory: what the item is and where it is located. Also, it provides customer data; who are they, where are they from? What have they previously bought? And what is their spending pattern?   

LS Retail entitles you to concrete, intelligent insights you need to craft services for your customers and form more logical data-driven decisions.   

Assure you hold the item your customer’s demand. The software is extraordinarily accurate when it comes to replenishment and stock tracking which you can obtain per type or item. Manage special order requests and personalized designs and provide them with their well-deserved conscientious treatment.  

Our Solution is Well-suited for:

Domestic and International Chains

Accessories and Luxury Fashion Shops

Retailers with Travel Stores and Duty-Free

Venturers with Accurate Inventory Control Demand


Manage Your Entire Business Centrally

Get a real-time centralized view of your key data products, customers, online and offline sales, and more.   

  • Set products, prices, promotions and offers centrally just once. The data will then be distributed to all shops automatically both offline and online.  
  • Track sold and available items, in-store and online.  
  • Streamline your product data management, including insurance confirmation and export declaration. 
  • Access business insights via real-time reports and form data-driven decisions

Offer Exceptional Customer Services

Know each customer’s habits, past purchases, and customer preferences to personalize services.  

  • Enroll customers in your loyalty program and send exclusive offers to them.  
  • Track your regular customers’ birthdays and anniversaries, style preference, size, past shopping, and a lot more using POS and offer personalized services. 
  • Track available items and their current location. Make sure you deliver on what you promised.  
  • Optimize demand planning using intelligent algorithms which analyze sales trends and advise what to purchase and the way to distribute it. 

Manage Appointments and Services

Manage services, appointments, special events, and reservations on the same platform you optimize for accounting, inventory, and sales.  

  • Use POS to book appointments for personal consultations.  
  • Trace work orders for adjustments and repairs at any back-office computer or POS and assure exceptional services and fast turnaround. 
  • Plan events such as opening nights and invite-only parties, and track event-related sales, registrations, and offers at any POS.  

This is Everything You Need to Run an Accomplished Jewelry and Luxury Store

Enhance Replenishment Per Item Type

Set the items you wish could replenish automatically as soon as your item falls below a set threshold. 

Track Your Key Performance Indicators

View accurate reports driven by real-time, complete business data, and ensure you are on the same page with your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) 

Deliver Conscientious Services Anywhere

Run POS on your mobile device and provide personalized advice and consultation services wherever your customers are.

Manage Customization Request Orders

Track customization request orders. From initial request to production to delivery to the customer.  

Run an Accomplished Retail Chain

Manage data for all your stores, and streamline opening fresh outlets with retail chain-oriented software. 

Streamline Sales Commission

Automate sales commission management with LS Retail. Pay your employees accurately on time.  


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