Bundle Up with an All-inclusive Retail Software to Meet Your Supreme Standards
Spoil your customers with individually crafted promotions and offers just for them. Offer exceptional services and optimal assortment. Track items available online and in each of your offline stores.

All-in-One Solution for Retailers of Fine Watches, Luxury Items, and Jewelry

A jewelry retailer needs to deliver exceptional services. LS retail guarantees clear visibility on your inventory: what the item is and where it is located. Also, it provides customer data; who are they, where are they from? What have they previously bought? And what is their spending pattern?   

LS Retail entitles you to concrete, intelligent insights you need to craft services for your customers and form more logical data-driven decisions.   

Assure you hold the item your customer’s demand. The software is extraordinarily accurate when it comes to replenishment and stock tracking which you can obtain per type or item. Manage special order requests and personalized designs and provide them with their well-deserved conscientious treatment.  

Our Solution is Well-suited for:

Domestic and International Chains

Accessories and Luxury Fashion Shops