Visual Inspection in Automotive Manufacturing - Defect Detection & Quality Control
We help to provide a comprehensive visual inspection platform that allows automotive manufacturing companies to automate their manufacturing quality processes and reduce dependency on manual inspection.

Vision Intelligence System for Automotive Industry

Our robust Visual Quality Inspection tool assures hassle-free deployment and reliable performance within any factory environment and automated equipment. Classify different variants of the product based on any differentiating factor i.e., color, shape and design. Detects visual defects like dent, scratch, burr, chip etc. It doesn’t matter if you are a system integrator, line builder, or equipment supplier, we have a solution for all. 

Automotive VQi


Read Barcode Labels and 2D barcodes straight from the marked parts, verify labels, and also direct part marks (DPM)


Detects cracks, wrinkles, dents in any part while automobile manufacturing. Also, identify piston defects (foundry defects and mishandling) 

Measure, Gauge, Guide

Measure dimensions of parts, outer and inner diameters of O ring, angle of the metal tips. Also, positions of labels and edges

Surface defects

These are defects that occur on the surface of a product, such as scratches, dents, or cracks.

Dimensional defects

These defects occur when a product’s dimensions are outside the acceptable tolerance range

Contamination defects

These defects occur when foreign materials are present on the surface of a product, such as oil, dirt, or debris.

Assembly defects

These defects occur when parts are not assembled correctly or when components are missing.

Material defects

These defects occur when a product contains the wrong material or when the material is not of the required quality.

Detect Authorized Gadgets

Check if all your staff is wearing the gadgets that have been authorized to them on site,  detect if they have wearing their masks, gloves, helmets, harness, Shoes, etc.