IT Resource Augmentation Services - Save Project Cost Up-to 40%
Hire or get dedicated offshore resources / support for your project development, 200+ team of highly dedicated experts with all levels of experience.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

As a premier provider of IT Consulting and Staff Augmentation Services, Trident specializes in catering to esteemed organizations across diverse sectors including Retail, Hospitality, Telecom, Aviation, Logistics, Software Development, Banking, and Financial Services. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we offer tailored offshore solutions aimed at bolstering project development, implementation, migration, or upgrade endeavors specifically within the realm of Microsoft Dynamics 365, LS Retail, MS Azure, SharePoint and other technologies.

Our extensive experience and deep-seated expertise enable us to seamlessly integrate dedicated offshore resources into your projects, ensuring streamlined execution and optimal outcomes. Whether your objectives entail enhancing operational efficiencies, fostering customer engagement, or driving revenue growth, our team stands ready to provide unparalleled support every step of the way.

Why Trident for Staff Augmentation Services?

  1. Expertise Across Industry-Leading Technologies: At Trident Information Systems, we bring a wealth of expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365, LS Retail, Microsoft Azure, DevOps, SharePoint, and other advanced technologies. Our dedicated professionals possess in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience to augment your team and drive project success.                                                                 
  2. Tailored Solutions for Varied Industries: Serving a diverse clientele spanning Retail, Hospitality, Telecom, Manufacturing, Logistics, Software Development, Banking, and Financial Services, we understand the unique needs of each industry. Our tailored staff augmentation solutions are designed to align with your specific business objectives.                                                                                                       
  3. Seamless Project Development, Implementation, and Migration: Whether you are embarking on a new project, implementing a solution, or considering migration/upgradation, our staff augmentation services seamlessly integrate with your processes. We ensure a smooth and efficient workflow, contributing to the success of your initiatives.

4. Microsoft-Certified Professionals: Benefit from our team of Microsoft-certified professionals who possess the skills and knowledge to navigate the complexities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, LS Retail, Azure, DevOps, Sharepoint, and related technologies. Our commitment to excellence ensures the delivery of high-quality solutions.

5. Agile DevOps Practices: Embrace agility in your development processes with our DevOps expertise. We foster collaboration, automate workflows, and enhance the efficiency of your software development lifecycle, resulting in faster delivery and improved product quality.

6. Scalability and Flexibility: With Trident Information Systems, enjoy the flexibility to scale your team based on project requirements. Whether you need additional resources for a short-term project or long-term collaboration, our staff augmentation services offer the scalability to meet your evolving needs.

7. Proven Track Record of Success: Our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to client success. Explore our case studies and testimonials to witness how we have empowered organizations to achieve their goals through our staff augmentation services.

Trident's Talent Outsourcing Process

List of Available Resources for Offshore Support

  • Dynamics Business Central Functional Consultant 
  • Dynamics Business Central Technical/Developer
  • D365 F&O Supply Chain Consultant
  • D365 F&O Manufacturing Consultant 
  • D365 F&O Retail Consultant 
  • D365 F&O Technical Developer 
  • Business Central with LS Retail Functional Consultant
  • Business Central with LS Retail Technical Developer 
  • LS Retail Technical Developer 
  • LS Retail Functional Consultant 
  • D365 F&O Technical Lead 
  • D365 F&O Functional Lead
  • MS Azure Consultant
  • Power BI Developers
  • SharePoint Developers
  • Dot Net Developers
  • AI / ML Engineers
  • Data Scientist

Outsource Project Development

Get comprehensive services for your project development and services.

Staff Augmentation


Access more than 200+ Technical & Functional Experts with reasonable price

Project Implementations and Roll Outs

quick implementation and roll-out solutions to incorporate multiple business processes

Migration & Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get Trident’s support or resources for your project migration or upgrade


Development Services

Dynamics 365 services and offshore development services to end users & partners globally

Consulting Services to D365 & LS Retail

Consulting services to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365 F&O /Business Central) and LS Retail

Engagement Models for Your Business

Virtual Employee Model

  • We provide an expert software professional (cloud employee) dedicated to your project. It can either be an expert or a team of experts depending on your requirements.
  • A virtual employee is no different than your permanent employee. The only differences are the lack of hiring, HR, and payroll hassle. You can avoid them all with a cloud employee.
  • The virtual employee will dedicate all his time to your project and will report to you directly.
  • The virtual employee can work from any of our worldwide location
  • He will follow you up daily while abiding by your business policies.

Project Based Model

  • This is a time-bound engagement model which is best suited for projects where the requirement will remain the same throughout the development process.
  • In this model, we collect your business requirements using confluence and choose a team to work on the project.
  • We employ a dedicated technical project manager who consistently reports and updates you throughout the project’s life cycle.
  • We follow the Agile Scrum process of software development (using Jira).
  • A flat project-based fee is determined before initiating the project.
  • We can operate from any of our global development centers.

Scrum Team Model

  • The Scrum Team Model is meant for short-term development projects. For example, it is best when you need a team of experts to work on one of your software modules or a certain phase of development to speed up your product development.
  • A full-fledged team of software developers can work as an extension of your team to bolster the development cycle.
  • We maintain a strict information transfer policy and can work on a “need to know” basis if you are concerned about protecting your IP.
  • You can scale up or down your scrum team as per your requirements.
  • We can operate from any of our global development centers.

Project Execution Methodology

Waterfall Approach : Sequential Process + Rigorous Software Planning

The supply chain involves multiple interlinked layers. Hence, disruptions are pretty common. Manufacturers cannot eliminate them but control them to a great extent. With a centralized database, automation, and complete operational and financial insights, Dynamics 365 for manufacturing provides intuitive and real-time control in a single platform.

Agile Approach : Faster Iteration + Dynamic Engagement

This approach is ideal for enterprises demanding assistance on an existing project, or legacy software. You can leverage the Milestone project check-ins to define the project, requirements, progress, and expectations. Trident’s waterfall approach can handle the strict regulatory requirements with definitive documentation – working step-by-step through your pre-set methodologies and processes of releases and integration

Fixed Application Builds with Predefined Scope

If your business requires enterprise-grade precision and has a defined scope with pre-defined requirements, the pre-set process and predefined engagement metrics are ideal for you. It is further suited for businesses with a fixed budget or a fixed application to build, or for enterprises needing a project-orientation solution.

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