Use Microsoft Power BI to Drive More Customer into Your Restaurant  

Restaurants these days are looking for the perfect Restaurant ERP Software Solution that fulfils their business needs such as LS Retail ERP. An ideal Restaurant Management Software is reinforced with insightful tools like Microsoft Power BI. Power BI is a robust tool used to extract insightful reports on customers or the overall business. It helps integrate distinct data sets, cleans data, and transforms it into a data model, and generates graphs and charts to provide data visually. The set of information can also be shared among other Power BI users in the business.  

Overall, to boost and drive existing and new customers into your restaurant needs concrete data. Based on this, restaurants then make appropriate strategies like loyalty programs, offers, deals, discounts, rewards, and so on.  

Microsoft Power BI collects data from almost all the touch-points, turns them into actionable reports, and helps restaurants achieve their target. Restaurants trying to understand their customers traditionally are left behind. Having outdated Software for Restaurant Management is another factor adding to it. Due to a lack of customer insight businesses might face issues such as:  

  • Inability to meet shifting customers’ preferences.  
  • Poor brand management. 
  • Lack of clarity on creating loyalty programs.  
  • Poor meal planning. 
  • Detachment with valuable customers. 

How does Power BI help restaurants drive More Customers in? 

Using Microsoft Power BI, restaurants can track every transactional action taken by the customer, understand it, and based on it, help create relevant strategies to drive more business in.  

Creates Effective Loyalty Programs 

You can create effective loyalty programs based on your customers’ actions. You can segment customers according to their preferences and spending patterns. Segmentation enables the right program allocation to the right group. You can also create separate programs for individuals. For instance, giving away coupons and loyalty points drives more sales of services or meals.  

Deals Based on Geography 

You can also establish loyalty programs geographically. According to customer preferences in a certain area, you can create relevant offers. Also, you can offer suitable meal deals when the traffic is generally the highest. It can be on a certain day of the week or at a certain time of the day. 

Connecting with Customers on an Emotional Level  

Often People tend to purchase certain meals that are driven by their emotions. Being delivered personalized services, customers feel cared for and connect with a business emotionally. Once a business successfully connects with a customer, he will consciously or subconsciously come back to the same business.   

Encourages Spreading Word of Mouth 

Word of mouth is one of the strongest and most cost-effective promotional methods. People consider references from the people they know and trust. Having customers connected with your business emotionally drives them to bring their family, friends, and acquaintances to your business.  Sometimes, restaurants pay social media influencers to promote them. However, if pleased, they will recommend your business to their followers for free, hence providing free promotion.  

What Makes Microsoft Power BI So Special?

Earlier, operating a business based on guesses was normal. However, now, this is the riskiest thing a restaurant can do. Where every other business is leveraging the latest technology to get valuable insights, a lack of knowledge can thrust your restaurant back.  Microsoft Power BI helps deal with lack of clarity which is the root of other challenges. 

Interactive Power BI Desktop  

With the interactive Power BI desktop tool, the user can generate reports simply by accessing the data quickly. You do not need to develop advanced skills to work on this tool. It is non-tech friendly. It is easy to learn and even easier to use and the best thing is, it is free to download.   

Tailored Visualization  

Since every business runs on different terms, they might need data customization. Certain information may not be as useful to them. Power BI is designed to tackle such complex situations. The user can access the custom library of visualizations and design themselves a concept that fulfills your business needs.  


One of the biggest challenges that industries are facing is manipulating the existing data to drive essential information. Microsoft Power BI does the job for you. It collects data and turns it into insightful reports while enabling complete visibility throughout your business. It abolishes confusion and directs a straightforward way through efficient planning.   

Strong Security  

Power BI optimizes the active directory in order to set up access to the control panel. Via this panel only, the business will utilize different Microsoft solutions. Thus, apart from generating a traditional security layer, Power BI can also develop security allowing the team to grant controlled access.   

Easy Implementation Process  

It is very easy to implement Power BI. It demands low IT resources and engineering skills. Whereas in some instances no technical knowledge was required. All they have to do is create an API key and plug it into the software.   

Help Managing Costs  

With Business Intelligence analysis, businesses can recognize peak times, peak seasons, and even the efficiency of their labor. With accurate data, restaurants can opt for better strategies allowing them to manage costs. They can apply the right strategy according to location and customer demands.  

Microsoft Power BI is a boon to customer-specific industries like hospitality, where direct consumer satisfaction makes or breaks a business. You can leverage Power BI with LS Retail. Contact Trident Information Systems, LS Retail Gold Partner to implement the solution.