Ditch Multiple User Experience and Connect Your Business to Boost Productivity and ROI 

Having organized disconnected data demands more attention and resources. It eventually deteriorates your productivity. It is better to opt for a Unified Software Solution like Microsoft Business Central, hence enabling a unified platform and centralized control. Having disconnected systems is most likely to disbalance your budget. Lack of needed data at the right time fosters profit compromises, poor strategies, and even loss of customers. 

  • In multiple User Experience/ User Interfaces, the employees are bound to learn different security and administration models.  
  • Needs a larger IT budget and having employees manage names and passwords.  
  • Disconnected systems foster redundancy issues, errors, wasted time, missed steps, and so on.  
  • Communication complexities due to relying on emails to share data and versioning issues with shared documents.  
  • Does not support mobility.  
  • Possesses hidden costs of staff training and onboarding to different UX/UI systems.  
  • May provide poor business insights leading to poor strategies.  

Microsoft Business Central is one of the most renowned and reliable Unified Business Management Platforms across the globe. It connects your business and enables a sole source of truth. It is cost-effective as Microsoft Business Central Licensing is very flexible and convenient. You do not have to pay a huge upfront cost, instead, you can pay per user on a monthly subscription. It is easy to use, and you do not even have to spend a fortune on staff training. Instead, it is free of cost.  

Why Microsoft Business Central? 

Business Central Implementation enables a plethora of benefits that help boost your productivity and Return on Investment (ROI). Moreover, with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you no longer have to worry about software upgrades as your D365 Implementation Partner is responsible for major as well as minor upgrades.  

Helps Cutting Costs 

One of the greatest benefits of a unified ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is its increased ROI. With Business Centrally, you never have to worry about spending too much on maintenance and upgrades, as everything is already taken care of by your service provider. Leaving no space for latent costs on staff training. Additionally, it follows a flexible Microsoft Business Central Licensing approach where you can pay per user on monthly subscriptions.  

Automatic Upgrades and Maintenance  

Unlike traditional methods, where upgrades disturb your business functioning and become more of a headache, Microsoft itself enables major as well as minor Business Central Upgrade. Minor upgrades happen frequently without disturbing your business’s ecosystem whereas major upgrades are done twice a year, for which you are pre-notified.  

Easier Staff Management  

The user can see its employees and roles assigned to them also, Microsoft Business Central eliminates guesswork and allows your employees to access relevant data using a simple interface. It also reduces the training period while preventing unnecessary HR requirements. 

Delivers Insightful Reports  

Microsoft uses Power BI (Business Intelligence), which extracts data from different touchpoints, filters it, and turns it into visually appealing insightful reports. These deep-rooted reports allow to form better decisions to increase sales and maximize profit. Moreover, you also get insights into what is going on within your business and what your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are. You will be notified about the areas that demand your immediate attention, hence improving your productivity.  

24/7 Support  

Despite being invincible, Microsoft Business Central may too face downtime, just like any other software. However, the user can immediately contact Business Central Support and get the issue resolved. The support is available 24/7 by your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner.  

Optimized Supply Chain  

The supply chain is massive and one of the most complex aspects to manage overall. Dynamics 365 Business Central Features allow a single platform designed to manage such complex aspects. From raw material sourcing to warehousing to product delivery, it manages everything gracefully with real-time inventory tracking and updates.  

Enables Remote Access and Scales with Your Business  

Being a cloud-based software solution, you can access it from any device, anytime and anywhere. Supporting rem