Optimize Your Warehouse with Warehouse Management Software  

Warehouses deliver accommodation for surplus products. Many warehouse owners don’t realize how much they waste their warehouse potential unless they get a Warehouse Management ERP. A unified Warehouse Management Software Solution helps track and manage inventory. You can ditch expired products right away or put about-to-expire products away on a discount sale. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management Module manages manufacturing, distribution, and retail companies. 

This module helps manage warehouses at an optimal level by integrating other business processes like manufacturing, transportation, quality control, transfer, sales, and returns. However, the situation becomes way more complex when all these processes are not synchronized on the same platform. Warehouse Managers may face:  

  • Lack of storage for excess stock as they cannot identify expired products. 
  • Poor floor space management causes disorganization of items.  
  • Low traceability and connectivity lead to poor decisions.  
  • Poor Time Management. 
  • Inability to identify damaged products.  
  • Redundancy issues during reconciliation.  
  • Disconnected logistics.  
  • Delayed delivery or faulty delivery to the customer.  

With a Warehouse Management ERP, you can bring all the relevant business processes on the same platform while optimizing floor space. Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the Best Warehouse Management System. The module covers the following features:  

  • Complete synchronization with manufacturing and transportation offerings.  
  • Complete control of location volumetrics and location stocking limits.  
  • Inventory status controlling inventory properties.  
  • Full batch and serial item support.  
  • Various picking strategies. 
  • Multiple items picking strategies.  
  • Centralized support for returns, sales orders. 
  • Unique support for the barcode scanners.  
  • Pallet/container types of warehouse processes.  
  • Sophisticated counting capabilities.  
  • Business Intelligence integration into Power BI (Business Intelligence).  
  • Automatic and manual movement of inventory.  
  • Fully integrated quality control.  
  • Outbound wave processing.  
  • Cluster picking. 
  • Simple cross-docking.  

Benefits of Microsoft Warehouse Management ERP 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the Best WMS System so far. It enables complete visibility of your warehouse stock. Warehouse management becomes even easier with a straightforward pick and put away process which allows you to quickly find an item whenever it is needed.  

Central Control of Multiple Warehouses  

With a unified ERP for Warehouse Management, you can get centralized control over all your warehouses. A single source of truth lets you access every detail, from inventory to logistics. Having insightful reports on each area drives better decisions.  

Real-time Inventory Management 

With this robust Inventory Management Software, the user can locate their inventory in real-time and manage stock accordingly. You can also prevent overstocking and understocking. The staff foresees upcoming demands and stock inventory accordingly.  

Order Accuracy  

Advance order accuracy with real-time inventory tracking. By tracking real-time inventory, you can waiver errors such as selling an out-of-stock item.  

Better Risk Management  

Having market changes forecasted earlier, you can create strategies beforehand. You can modify your current business operations to cope with potential risks or create relevant strategies for sudden challenges.  

Ideal Product Allocation  

If you have multiple warehouses, you can allocate items according to the market demand in a particular area. This way you can reduce the risk of perishable items being expired before getting sold out.  

Faster Delivery  

Customers these days demand faster delivery and quicker services. With Warehouse Management ERP, you allocated items in the suitable warehouse according to the current and future demands. This allows you to deliver items to the right store fast.  

More Price Stabilization  

With ERP for Warehouse Management, you can save in multiple ways. For instance, reduced spoilage, shipping costs, low error rates, accurate customer delivery. Moreover, you can allocate your staff more efficiently in the areas needed.  

Efficient Waste Management 

Warehouse Management System helps manage waste more easily with real-time inventory tracking. With updated and accurate information on your current stock, you can optimally order items. Moreover, you can also reduce floor-space usage and ensure you place your stock in the most suitable place in the warehouse.  

Fills Labour Gap  

With a Warehouse Management ERP, you can fill labour shortages. Rapid labour turnover was a common thing to see during the pandemic. Dynamics 365 WMS helps optimize your current workforce potential and get things done efficiently even with labor shortages. Having a unified Warehouse Management System ensures your tasks are operated on a single platform and you do not need more staff to manage them separately.  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management System integrates other relevant areas with your warehouse, such as manufacturing, transportation, quality control, transfer, sales, and returns. Businesses these days are now understanding the benefits of a single warehouse management platform.