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Simplify your everyday routines, from POS to back office. Optimize business analytics and get in-depth financial data on your business. Reorder retail items to enhance your bottom line. Cut costs and upgrade your customer experience with fully integrated retail management software.

Is Your Pharmacy Venture Getting Uncontrollable? We have the Cure!

Drugstores have to manage their product with a plethora of legislation and regulations. Therefore, managing expiry dates, calculating prices on a diverse scheme, and managing prescriptions with various regulations in mind need careful analysis and management. 

Customers also expect pharmacies to provide them with valuable advice fast, politely, and professionally. To top it off, margins on pharmaceuticals keep shrinking which brings out the need for a competent retail management system that suggests what retail items to purchase alongside medicines.  

LS Retail entitles you to concrete, intelligent insights you need to craft services for your customers and form more logical data-driven decisions.  Assure you hold the item your customer’s demand. The software is extraordinarily accurate when it comes to replenishment and stock tracking which you can obtain per type or item. Manage special order requests and personalized designs and provide them with their well-deserved conscientious treatment.  


Growing Customers and Complexities? No Issues!

LS Retail software solution comes with a multitude of features to give you a competitive edge with simplified everyday routines, from POS to back office. You can optimize this system’s in-depth analytics on your business and reorder retail items that help you lift your bottom line. You may also offer promotions, deals, and offers and ensure more business return.   

Boost customer satisfaction at lower costs with fully integrated retail and dispensing software providing pharmacy-centric functions. Handle drugs, manage prescriptions, and calculate prices using different insurance schemes.  

Data Structure and Manage Medications

Optimally manage your products. Set up and find packaged items and products based on their quantity, warning signs, ATC groups, substance, daily dose, and more.  

Permissions, System, and Security

This system highlights a sophisticated permission setup for POS users. You can define POS staff permission in the back office. Limit access to certain functions, based on the role of users.

Complete Customer Management

Access your customers’ previous or open orders, their specifications, or history at whatever time you want. Automatically calculate discounts and final prices for customers with any insurance scheme.

Pharmacy Role Center

Get everything you need to streamline your pharmaceutical functions in one place. Check the open orders with ready-to-pick-up orders at POS. Print labels including warning texts, dosing instructions, and a lot more. 

What a Fully integrated Solution Can Do for Your Pharmaceutical Business?

Get a Complete Overview of Your Business

Manage each of your locations from the headquarters. Make decisions at the head office and circulate them throughout the organization quickly. 

Manage Offers and Campaigns

Set up offers, prices, and campaigns beforehand. Circulate them throughout your operation and regulate them from the headquarters. 

Manage Electronic and Manual Prescriptions

Accept both electronic and paper prescriptions. This system automatically stores electronic copies of paper prescriptions.  

Provide Enhanced Customer Services

Put forward a generic medicine instead of the prescribed brand. The system is capable of finding substitutes with the same strength and ATC code.  

Track Your Inventory

LS Retail Pharmacy POS is more than just a sales device. Use it to look up updated store, location, and inventory data. 

Interact With Modern Customers

Notify your customers as soon as their prescriptions are close to their final withdrawal through mobile app notification, text message, or email. 

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