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This is How adidas Maintained its Status as a World Class Brand with LS Retail   

Founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler, this German multinational corporation has become the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the entire world. It is also the holding company for the adidas Group, which holds around an 8% stake in the football club Bayern Munchen and Runtastic, an Australian fitness technology company. As the business expanded even further, they realized the incapabilities of their current Retail Management Software and browsed through other options. Eventually, they decided to employ LS Retail, a unified Retail Software Solution. There was a sense of familiarity between both i.e., LS Retail and Adidas. Both have been reinventing the shopping experience for multiple decades. 

Both companies share a matching perspective of the future of retail, one where technological change will massively impact customer services. Today, adidas implements LS Retail solutions in about 1400 stores and 4800 POS (point of sale) across the world.  

What Drove adidas to Choose LS Retail? 

Adidas couldn’t agree more with LS Retail’s Omni channel approach. This Retail Software Solution is working day and night to boost personalization and mobility. From customized product recommendations with AI technology to stock management via handhelds.  

Adidas can offer a world-class shopping experience because LS Retail works in the background day and night, meeting all their needs. It helped adidas accomplish its goals and optimize its operations with the following advancements:  

  • Consistent System Enhancement: This Retail ERP Software allows multiple releases every year.  
  • Up to-the-Mark Efficiency: Easy basic staff training with self-explanatory menus.  
  • Understanding of Deep Process: LS Retail IT team assisted them to understand the business environment. 
  • Release Prioritization: This Retail Business Management Software prioritizes releases from a global retail POV.  
  • Massive Customizations: They availed themselves of high-level customizations. 
  • High Flexibility: With this Retail Execution Software, adidas could quickly and easily meet market changes and requirements.  
  • High-end Support: With the LS Retail team, they experienced open, honest, and fact-based discussions which helped achieve faster results.  

The Ultimate Benefits of LS Retail Management Software?  

Thanks to LS Retail Software Solution, today, Adidas can manage its business more efficiently and provide better customer services with the help of:  

  • Auto-replenishment Capabilities: what was once a manual process is now automated.  
  • E-commerce Integration: Customers can go to the official website of adidas to check the available items in-store.  
  • Real-time Inventory Check: In-store employees can easily check available stock in real-time using handheld devices.  
  • Stockroom Requests: Staff can easily use the inventory app with this Retail Management Software on mobile POS and share item orders to the list. The order is then picked up by a different staff member and the item is taken to the shop floor, to their customers. 
  • Training Mode: Adidas did not have to worry much about training their staff as shifting between training and normal mode on the POS was pretty easy and allowed them to train their staff effortlessly throughout daily operations.  
  • Effective Compliance: Adidas could apply different customizations to comply with fiscal, legal, and local necessities. For example: creating certain invoices they knew they would need to show to the local authorities. 

Senior product owner Nabila Rahim says that the company looks forward to unlocking new opportunities such as LS Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Software Solution – LS Pay. She also said that they were focusing on eCommerce, but they need to make sure their customers have a seamless retail journey as well. 

Adidas aspires to establish standardization and harmonization. Speeding up development is the immediate value they focus on. They are rest assured that whatever sudden change hits the market: be it a pandemic, or whatever else, they believe they will quickly adapt to the changes.  

Nabila Rahim is very happy with the outcome of this collaboration. If you wish to implement this Retail Management Software, you must look for a promising partner. Trident Information Systems is a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner and Diamond LS Retail Implement Partner. With a robust record of accomplishment for over 22 years, we have managed to gain big brands as our most loyal clients. We are based in India, Africa, UAE, and the Middle east. For further information or a demonstration, you can contact us.