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How to Enhance Customer Experience at a Restaurant 

Customer service is the core focus of any hospitality business: Be it a dine-in restaurant, or a cloud kitchen, customers are a core center. Your services decide the success or failure of your restaurant, in which technology plays a vital role. Because of this many restaurant owners prefer Restaurant Management System to help them enhance their customer services.  

According to Denny Meyer, the famous restaurateur, we are living in a service economy. We don’t pay $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but for the customer service that comes along.  

Industry Leaders are aware of the importance of customer service. According to a survey by Catalyst, all the 200-person panels disclosed that enhancing their customer service by the end of this year is their goal.  

Enhancing customer services effectively is possible if you point out the hurdles and work on them such as:  

Difficulty in Understanding Customers 

Success doesn’t come easy. Out of 200-person panels, about 46% revealed that it is hard for them to understand market trends and their customers as a whole. They can not segregate their customers into groups to target the right strategy. The rest said they do not have relevant customer data to form strategies and those who don’t know how to use that data to their advantage.  

It is crucial to understand your customers well or you cannot cross-sell and upsell products. How will you deliver the service your customers expect if you don’t know when, what, and where an item was purchased and what possible factors driving those sales. It’s smart to implement a Restaurant Management System which gathers customer data and shares meaningful insights. One such CRM Software for Hospitality Industry is LS Retail Hospitality Software.  

Is Your Current Restaurant Management System Enough? 

One of the most common reasons for lack of visibility is the inefficiency of the technology a restaurant uses. Most of them prefer to have disparate systems for different purposes; separate software to manage finances, different software for taking orders, and a separate Restaurant Management System for loyalty programs too probably.  

This approach not only is time-consuming, but it is very complex too. When you have so many applications working separately, it gets hard to achieve real-time visibility.  

The only solution is to implement a unified Restaurant Management Software such as LS Retail ERP. It ensures real-time visibility into your business.  

Get a Unified Restaurant Management Software for your Business  

When you use the same platform to manage all your KPIs, you also get all your data managed within the same space. You don’t need to waste your time collecting and arranging data to extract meaningful details. However, this is not the case with a unified Hospitality Management System Software. All your online and in-store data is present on the same platform that you can access without any hassle.  

With accurate data, you can easily identify your customers according to their last visit history, what they purchased, how much they rated your restaurant, or through which channel they tend to eat more. Overall, it provides a 360-degree view of your different customers.   

This type of information helps develop excellent strategies based on current trends and your customers’ purchase history. For instance, you can track your customer’s order history and offer personalized menus as per their preference. Or you can create an offer they cannot resist. You can make them feel special with white glove services. For example, you can check if it’s your customer’s birthday and offer a special dessert to make them feel special. Or you can offer them a promotion you know they can’t refuse because it has been crafted just for them.  

Not just that, with a Restaurant Management System like LS Retail Software Solution, you can optimize AI-powered analytics and reporting to find patterns throughout the vast data available. You can even make exact predictions about consumption and automate replenishment to save time. The best part is that this technology helps cut waste; you avoid overstocking and understocking.  

Many restaurant Businesses are opting for Restaurant Management systems like LS Retail Software Solution due to their many benefits. This CRM Software for Hospitality Industry  

Ensures all your data is stored, managed, and protected in one place i.e, Azure Cloud. It is suitable for every restaurant type. If you run a cloud kitchen, it will be the best Cloud Kitchen Management Solution.  

For LS Retail Implementation, you can contact Trident Information Systems. With 20+ years of providing restaurant management services, we are now a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner and LS Central Diamond Partner. Our dedicated team of professionals is at your service 24/7.