Trident Field Sales
Trident Field Sales solution provides advanced activity scheduling, resource optimization and mobile enablement capabilities that enables the field sales teams to be able to track, monitor and report the sales, order booking and marketing activities on the go. The solution enables the organizations to be highly agile and responsive to the customer needs, capture their feedbacks and concerns on the spot with constant alerts and status updates.

Integration with the back office or ERP systems ensures timely update of the field activity and other sales operations data.

Trident Field Sales Operations tracker mobile application enables organization to optimize the field sales engagement in terms of:

  • Optimize sales team / resource utilization
  • Improved sales effort tracking
  • Improved order booking, demand and supply management
  • Agility and responsiveness to customer requirements
  • Optimize cost of sales operations
  • Enhanced and personalized customer experience
  • Business insight into patters of success or failures
  • Shorter turnaround time for customer feedback and concerns

Sales Order Management

  • Enable Order Processing with no time lag
  • Sync orders to DMS / ERP
  • Outlet Wise Sales Order
  • Stock Capture at Retail Outlets and reduce stock out situations.
  • New Schemes/Discounts/ Payments
  • Predictive Sales Planning based on customer history.
  • Onboarding New Retailers
  • Goods Return, Settlement and Collection
  • Sales Order booking off-line and orders are automatically synced and available to Management on real time basis

Field Movement

  • Sales employee attendance tracking based on reporting time and time spent at the retailer, distributor location
  • Beat planning required on web interface
  • Beat plan view / changes on mobile device
  • Beat plan change request approval
  • Alerts for reporting delays / absence 
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Digital Catalogue

  • Information update and Digital catalogue
  • E-catalogue accessible through mobile
  • Offers and promotion alert
  • Surveys and Feedbacks
  • Marketing feedbacks
  • Customer surveys
  • Competition updates 

Attendance & Productivity

This is a crucial feature that lets field sales force record the time taken to carry out the desired sales call

  • Map based location tracker
  • Sales activity delivery time line by Date, Date range, Employee
  • Resource availability and expense tracking
  • Request Leave
  • Create leave request
  • View leave request status
  • Manage expense claims
  • create claim
  • View claim status

Geo Location

  • The integrated map helps define customer location, plan for better route.
  • Helps identify time spent on sales call versus logistics to arrive at higher call average and better productivity.
  • Adherence to journey plan.
  • Minimize chances of no calls and missed opportunities.
  • Dead Stores

Business Intelligence and Dashboards

  • Most frequently orders products / items by retailer / distributor
  • Top retailers / distributors
  • Sales employee productivity by
  • Order values
  • Number of engagements
  • Number of new leads
  • Sales target / quota achievement
  • Reporting time
  • Time spent per location
  • Customer satisfaction rating by
  • Overall at brand level
  • Product
  • Order processing and delivery
  • Sales employee
  • Actual execution of field activities with time stamp
  • Over all summary view by employee by area most time spent on
  • Trending views by
  • Improvement in field sales team productivity- overall and at individual level
  • Order booking
  • Sales by product
  • Top distributors / retailers
  • Leave requisition and approval
  • Expense reporting and claim status tracking
  • Rule configuration for email / mobile notification alerts and alert thresholds
  • Administration module for user, roles and permission management
  • Map and timeline view by
  • Planned activities of the day / week etc. 


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