Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution for Automotive Industries
Manufacturing ERP designed specifically for Automotive Industries that enables superior productivity and agility from the Lean Manufacturing , International Quality Standards, Supply chain, Warehousing, Logistics and Financials

Dynamics 365 Automotive – The Industry Solution for Automotive

  • The automotive manufacturing industry continues to exceed expectations worldwide.
  • However, several key challenges are present, including new technically advanced vehicles, demographic shifts and preferences, and hybrid models and options.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the software solutions to maximize the efficiency and flexibility, and keep the business on pace with the global automotive market.
  • Create a world-class planning and materials logistics system
    Improve lead time and reduce waste through implementation of lean production strategies
  • Supervise the entire product process and product life history
  • Embedded robust quality management provides a foundation for meeting product quality standards and cost reductions across your entire enterprise
  • Synchronize manufacturing operations globally through enterprise purchasing management and multi-plant management
  • Gain complete visibility with a comprehensive end-to-end solution 

Streamline Product Lifecycle Management

Gain access to real-time data and improve visibility into the product development process with robust product lifecycle management (PLM) and project management capabilities. Infor PLM Discrete-a key component of IMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Automotive for Tier suppliers-has helped organizations achieve measurable improvements, including a reduction in time to market by more than 50%. 

Meet OEM EDI Requirements

Use pre-built trading-partner maps and business rules to manage complex cumulative calculations and OEM required business practices. Reduce delays and reaction time while improving the accuracy of releases with electronic data interchange (EDI) that flows from the OEM into the release. Ensure that outbound advance ship notice (ASN) and invoicing transactions are defined exactly as the OEM expects. 

Optimize Inventory Management

Speed inventory turns while maintaining virtually zero inventory, and use paperless, repetitive, job order, or even project-based production processes with complete visibility across operations. 

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX can help manufacturing organisations implement, energise, and sustain lean manufacturing initiatives by delivering the tools and information support needed to streamline processes, reduce waste, enable demand-pull operations and promote continuous improvement. As part of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the robust Lean Manufacturing functionality complements the solution’s comprehensive customer relationship, financial, collaboration and supply chain management capabilities.

Streamline processes using advanced work cell definition and management, finite and infinite planning, paperless Kanban, direct shop floor scanning and reporting functions, and more.

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Financial Accounting

  • Financial management is the core of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Automotive . Full integration in the other areas of the application allows the collection and analysis of financial data in real time. With extensive country- and region-specific features, the solution fulfils the local financial requirements for 36 countries.
  • Financial accounting, financial planning and cash flow management on client company code, cost centre, cost object and up to seven other dimensions
  • Automatic accrual for consignment stock, bonus agreements and goods .
  • Automatic “work in process” (WIP) tracking for productions and projects
  • Cost and performance accounting integrated into production, project, time recording and production/machine data acquisition
  • Stock valuation 

After Service and Parts

Trident’s Automotive Solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ensures that engineering and product development capabilities are flexible enough to keep up with accelerating product requirements and shorter product lifecycles. You’ll have the tools to accurately and consistently forecast product demand, so you have the right quantity in the right place at the right time, without holding excess inventory and tying up capital.

  • Capabilities
  • Demand planning
  • Product catalogs
  • Complex pricing
  • Aftermarket service (field and depot)
  • Service parts management
  • Dealer/service operations
  • Aftermarket distributor (non-manufacturing) 


“Because Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides instant access to inventory levels, we’re able to plan our purchasing thus, keeping inventory to minimum. With access to real time information and increased visibility about inventory levels, we have reduced the total cost of its inventory by 3 percent.” 

Nitin Vishnoi, Company Secretary, Sharda Motor Industries Limited


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