NAV to Business Central Upgrade

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Dynamics NAV to D365 Business Central You Can’t Ignore

While it can be difficult for firms to change ingrained operational procedures, doing so is imperative to stay up with the quick pace of technology development. Agility is crucial for survival in the fast-paced corporate world of today. Thus, invest in NAV to Business Central Upgrade so you can earn a massive competitive advantage. 

For small and mid-sized enterprises looking to automate, improve, and manage their operations more efficiently, Dynamics NAV is an excellent ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution. The most recent version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is called Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is a complete business management solution that makes it easy to combine several systems into one. Office 365 and other Microsoft products, including Business Central, are compatible. 

Business Central is available both on-site and cloud. Therefore, migrating to the cloud can bring about the most significant changes. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (BC) has enhanced and rebranded Dynamics NAV. When you choose NAV to Business Central Upgrade, you can expect a combination of old and new capabilities. 

5 Reasons to Choose NAV to Business Central Upgrade 

Many companies are still using outdated programs like Dynamics GP or NAV. You should opt for NAV to Business Central Upgrade for several reasons, including: 

  • Sophisticated mobile access. 
  • Individual adaptability. 
  • Integrating apps. 
  • Seamless improvements 
  • Report-generating ability. 
  • Affordability. 

Some businesses have been reluctant to get a NAV to Business Central Upgrade as they are concerned about implementation delays, related expenses, and business interruptions. There is a lot of false information concerning switching from Dynamics NAV to BC. Given below are the top 5 reasons to Upgrade from NAV to Business Central 

Choose between On-Premises and Cloud as per Your Comfort 

Dynamics Business Central, which is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV code, gives companies the option of on-premises or cloud deployments. Additionally, Microsoft has improved its user interface so that organizations can host their ERP Solution either in the cloud or on-premises. This improvement made it more user-friendly and oriented toward end users. Both choices are easily managed. Therefore, with NAV to Business Central Upgrade, you can decide whether you want to work on-premises or on the Cloud.  

A Unified Platform  

You can control all corporate services, apps, data, processes, teams, and people in one place with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. It offers a smooth transfer of information throughout the entire company. Organizations can utilize it to get a consolidated view of many business touchpoints and get rid of data silo-related obstacles.  

Customize as Per Requirement  

Users of Dynamics NAV frequently modify the software to their specifications. However, it can be too expensive to switch to a different solution because customizations are fairly expensive. However, with a NAV to Business Central Upgrade, you can customize the software at your own pace. Again, thanks to Dynamics Business Central’s improved flexibility, you may even be able to do without some customizations. Upgrading from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central can open multiple doors of multiple opportunities.  

Integrate with Third-Party Application  

Business Central offers a variety of native integration capabilities that let you connect to well-liked outside programs. The development environment fosters adaptability and the capacity to create user integrations. By connecting to the Microsoft App Source business apps marketplace, you can also obtain programs suited to your company’s requirements.  

Seamlessly Integrate with Other Microsoft Tools  

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central integrates Office 365 suite, Power BI, Microsoft Outlook, and SharePoint without any issues. Additionally, users of mobile devices, web browsers, and Outlook can utilize the data simply by navigating between applications. Employee training costs have decreased due to the range of operational commonalities across many applications. 

It is high time for NAV to Business Central Upgrade if you haven’t already. Keep up with the competition using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s most advanced and reliable tools. If you wish for a NAV to BC Upgrade, you can Contact Trident Information Systems. We are a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation Partner and Diamond LS Retail Partner. For any inquiry, you can Contact Us anytime. Our executives will be happy to help you.