AX to D365 Finance & Operation Upgrade

8 Reasons Why Should You Upgrade Your AX to Dynamics 365 Now!

The challenge of switching company software can be formidable. But with so many companies opting for AX to D365 Finance & Operation Upgrade, this might be the ideal time to investigate how your company might profit from taking the plunge. Let us find out the benefits of AX to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management Upgrade. 

According to a Forrester study, after AX to D365 Finance & Operation Upgrade, you could boost employee productivity by 10% on average and by 3% to 9% among back-office operations professionals. 

This is largely because common consumers no longer need to battle with time-consuming processes like entering receipts and finding data. Integrated systems and data sharing also help to remove cultural silos. Because of this, productive cross-team communication across numerous geographic areas is now possible. 

Additionally, you might save £3.6 million on operational efficiency improvements and £1.5 million on staff productivity as a result of this (according to the same Forrester report). 

Reasons for AX to D365 Finance & Operation Upgrade 

Frequent Updates  

Microsoft will regularly release progressive, incremental upgrades for Dynamics 365, in contrast to Dynamics AX, which used to include significant changes. You can even pause up to three updates at once. Larger modifications are given as configuration keys or parameters, and you may decide whether to enable these additional functions. 

In any case, your company will always use the most recent version to guarantee optimal performance, effectiveness, and security. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is continuously monitored and updated, which decreases the need for your IT departments to “solutionize” and lowers the maintenance demands on your company. 

Extensive Support 

Dynamics AX 2009, 2012, and 2012 R2’s mainstream support came to an end in October 2018. AX 2012 R3 has mainstream support until October 12, 2021. Security updates will then be made available under Extended Support until January 10th, 2023. By switching to the cloud, you’ll gain access to Microsoft’s comprehensive support, automatic upgrades, and improved performance. 

Latest Technology at Work  

With the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence), Dynamics 365 offers improved business intelligence (BI), which is supported by analytical services and large data sets. This gives the solution better capabilities, which improves the quality of your reporting. 

Upgrade D365 to Finance and Operations to get Updated user-centric interfaces that promote enhanced individual and collaborative experiences through personalization will also be advantageous to you. 

Highly Flexible  

Your company, the market, and the surroundings could all change (or all three!) in addition to allowing you to scale your system up or down based on your needs. 

AX to D365 Finance & Operation Upgrade has altered the licensing scheme. Now, you may purchase everything your company requires when you need it, including programs, modules, and the ability to add or remove users. Interviewees like having the ability to expand to additional Dynamics 365 products, such as Sales, Customer Service, and Field Service, according to the Forrester report we previously cited. In the end, this implies that your company is more market-ready and future-proof. 

Bank-level Security 

Hacking puts businesses in the modern world at constant risk, both monetarily and to their well-deserved reputations. In contrast to earlier business assumptions, cloud-based applications now offer a better secure user experience since Microsoft continuously monitors and defends active threats and credentials. It inexpensively protects your data while still keeping it secure. 

Total Cost of Ownership  

There is no need to retrain your team — other than for all the additional features that can be added — as the expense of the upgrade is restricted to testing and validation. The usage of managed services, automatic upgrades, and the lack of hardware investments are the key factors for this lower cost, which also contributes significantly to a lower total cost of ownership. 


The best thing is that each app’s user experience is similarly easy, so you can combine different apps to customize your experience and increase profitability. You have the best growth platform when you choose AX to D365 Finance & Operation Upgrade.  


Because so much of the functionality is still available, mastering the software will take less time overall. Although Dynamics 365 maintains the same basic business logic as Dynamics AX, the UI has been changed. 

Depending on your circumstance, there are distinct factors to consider when you decide to get an AX to D365 Finance & Operation Upgrade but Trident is here to assist. Although the move to the cloud may seem intimidating or unneeded, we can assure you that you will appreciate the increased productivity it will offer. We are a Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner and LS Central Diamond Partner. For any query, you can Contact Us anytime.