Transportation & Logistics Solutions
Tridents’ logistics and transportation solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps organizations realize value from their technology investments and manage the escalating challenges of volatile markets.

Logistics function as the impelling force of an economy. In 2010, the transportation industry alone moved 13 billion tons of goods worth $12 trillion, via railways, roadways and waterways. The manufacturer community spanning across globe looks up at 3PL companies to support their cross-docking, warehousing, freight and packaging needs. Under the current economic coercion, 3PL companies are rendering innovative solutions that abridge the operational costs while increasing the efficacy.

Challenges and Opportunities

Surging Expenses: Irrespective of how well-executed your business expenses are you are likely to suffer losses accounted to elevated warehousing costs, rising gas prices and product loss due to errors. Adding to these issues is the stagnant economy that lowers the profit margins of a business enterprise.

Competition: Across national and international marketplaces a cut-throat competition prevails in the logistics and transportation industry. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors are taking a note of choicest solutions to transport their goods into the markets.

Regulations: Complying with the environmental laws as well as the regulations set by governments at local, national and international level can add to the business expenditure.

Accessing Forecast and Information: The bottom line of your business will be affected by numerous factors including market slowdowns, seasonal factors and supply and labor shortages. Keeping pace with changing trends in the marketplace, analyzing reports and capturing analytics of your business will your business to adapt the changing trends efficiently.

Trident boasts of a decade long experience in developing software solutions that streamline the functioning of your logistics business. We can create a fleet of technological tools that compliment your business requisites and assist you in managing business operations such as scheduling, capturing analytics, error management, and integration, capacity planning and streamlining workflow. Our solutions foster the growth of your business model.

Trident’s Logistics Suite is modular in nature & includes Yard Management, Rail Operation , Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, Fleet Management, & Billing solutions. In addition, our suite is tightly integrated with our globally recognized HCM and Finance modules. This integrates all functional aspects of your organization and provides seamless workflow to create one unified processing & analysis interface. A snapshot of our solution offering is given above.

Yard and Terminal

Put productivity on the fast track.

Streamline workflow and speed up operations by eliminating manual processes that slow down progress. With Zebra’s electronic asset tracking, you will gain the visibility needed to minimise wait times, increase throughput, and reinforce regulations for a safe, secure, efficient and productive yard.

Rail Operations

Rail Transload terminals are vital link

Rail transportation is usually the most efficient and safest mode for moving large quantities of bulk commodities long distances. However, not all shippers and receivers have direct rail service.


Enabling the smart warehouse. 

Integrate your supply chain, experience dynamic fulfilment and realise transformational gains with best-in-class hardware and software tailored to your needs. From receiving to picking, staging, and loading – you are agile, optimised, compliant, and connected to make impactful decisions based on real-time actionable intelligence.

Fleet and Delivery

Nonstop optimisation for any operation.

Keep drivers on the road and assets moving around the clock to ensure your operations are running smoothly. Trident’s dedicated Fleet and Delivery solutions address the specific needs of your business – constant connectivity, proactive management, regulatory compliance, and peerless customer service – so you can deliver on time, every time. 

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Leverage Microsoft Dynamics for enhancing every facet of operations-right from ICD to Fleet Management
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