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Trident’s Galvanize integrated software solution standardizes and streamlines key functions allowing you to increase team productivity and efficiency by as much as 50% – materially increasing the value you bring to your organization.

Galvanize – Transforming Audit & Risk

Galvanize’s suite of products is used at all levels of the enterprise to help maximize growth opportunities for our customers by identifying and mitigating risk, protecting profits and accelerating performance. Galvanize  provides audit and compliance management when and where you need it. Galvanize Analytics and Essentials simplify and automate your data access, extraction, analysis, investigation, remediation and reporting.

Galvanize focuses on;

  • Data Analysis
  • Audit & Compliance Management
  • Continuous Transaction Monitoring
  • Reporting & Data Visualization
  • Exception Management Tracking

Galvanize delivers technology solutions that are transforming audit and risk management. Through a combination of software and expert content, Galvanize enables powerful internal controls that identify and mitigate risk, protect profits, and accelerate performance.

Audit Management

Internal Audit

Compliance Management

Internal Audit, Compliance & Legal, Accounting & Finance, IT

Operational Risk Management

Risk Management, Accounting & Finance and Information Technology

Fraud Management

Compliance & Legal, Accounting & Finance, IT, Internal Audit

Risk & Control Monitoring

Internal Audit, Compliance & Legal, Accounting & Finance, IT, Business Operation

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk Management, Internal Audit

Business Benefits

Increase business assurance

With so many disparate data sources in the enterprise, being able to capture relevant transactional data for a complete view of the business is no trivial task. Galvanize Analytics provides connectivity to a broad range of data sources. From transactional databases, spreadsheets, flat files, business applications (including SAP ERP and SAP CRM) and more, Galvanize Analytics’ depth and breadth of connectivity helps ensure complete data coverage for increased business assurance regardless of the disparateness and variety of information sources. The business can also be reassured of the integrity and validity of results as a detailed audit trail of all analysis activities is always being recorded

Raise executive visibility

Analysis results don’t resonate with upper management unless they’re presented in an executive context. Effectively get the attention of an executive audience by conveying the significance of analysis results through compelling, yet easy to create, data visualisations that provide additional business context, not just transactional data results.

Save time and effort with automation

Eliminate manual effort and quickly help achieve significant cost savings by automating data import, export and analysis tasks.

Using the industry standard Galvanize designed by the company founder, scripts can easily and quickly be created to automate repetitive manual tasks. For example, instead of taking 1-4 days to manually reconcile multiple spreadsheets, Galvanize Analytics can import, combine and test the data using a script that only takes seconds to execute.

Improve corporate culture for increased collaboration

A siloed corporate culture limits the ability to leverage the collective expertise of the organisation. Spreadsheets, documents and e-mail are also not a viable or scalable means of easily sharing thoughts and keeping track of feedback. Break down communication barriers and help nurture a more synergistic culture by easily showcasing analysis results and encouraging collaboration across cross-functional teams with Galvanize for secure cloud-based sharing.

Audit Management & Analytics

Are you trapped in a time suck between spreadsheets, manual processes, or difficult technology?


Galvanize Analytics

Galvanize Analytics is a data analysis application that provides a powerful combination of data access, data analysis, and integrated reporting. Galvanize provides immediate visibility into transactional data critical to your organization. The application reads and compares data, but does not allow modification of source data to ensure that it remains intact for complete data quality and integrity.

Galvanize allows you to work with data in the following ways:

  • Analyze entire data populations, or samples of populations
  • Identify trends and exceptions, and highlight potential areas of concern
  • Identify control issues and ensure compliance with organizational standards
  • Age and analyze financial or time-sensitive transactions
  • Automate analytic testing and receive immediate notification of results
  • Log the analysis performed, allowing you to preserve analysis steps, and review and compare results

Application Use Cases


Control effectiveness
Audit analytics
Risk analytics
Statistical sampling


Sanction lists
Contract compliance

Information Technology

Data migration, reconciliation
Security testing
Transnational SoD resting
Log analysis

Risk Management

Monitoring KRI indicators
Risk scoping
Human survey testing
Risk analytics

Accounting & Finance

Tax compliance
Vendor assurance
Predictive analytics

Public Sector

Entitlement oversight
Grants compliance
Automate A123 control testing
Aidit readiness

Trident Data Visualisation 

Audit Ready Solutions for Dynamics ERP: Navision & Axapta

Audit Analytics is used for performing internal controls and identifying transaction errors and exceptions. Such reviews often take place long after the transactions have been done which seriously limits the ability of Management to take timely and corrective action.

The value of audit analytics is maximized when the results of Continuous Monitoring transactions and controls are being provided directly to the business process owners for response. This allows for corrective action to be taken on a timely basis, directly improving the bottom line and business performance and reducing associated risks trough rapid response to fraud, errors and inefficiencies as well as strengthening financial and operational controls.

Whether your business challenges lie in the areas of fraud detection, controls monitoring, or auditing for compliance – or within the specific regulatory and operating environments unique to Government, Banking & Finance or Healthcare – Trident can incorporate standard controls testing analytics into customized solutions uniquely suited to your organization’s needs through the Galvanize solution and our consulting offering within audit analytics.

The Audit Analytics are a series of Audit related dashboards that are ready to deploy showing this knowledge to the business.  This can be deployed via a browser or mobile device.  The solution is powered by Galvanize, the leading data analytical engine, and Power BI Dashboards, the top data visualisation dashboard.


The Audit Analytics solution enables data to be extracted on a regular frequency (hourly, daily, weekly, as deemed necessary) to dynamically and automatically update the dashboards without IT involvement or manual processes.

The Audit Analytics Solution covers the areas of :

  • Audit & Risk Analytics – Inventory Management
  • Audit & Risk Analytics – HR & Payroll
  • Audit & Risk Analytics – Sales
  • Audit & Risk Analytics – Purchases
  • Audit & Risk Analytics – Accounts Payable
  • Audit & Risk Analytics – Accounts Receivable
  • Audit & Risk Analytics – Cash & Bank 

For Monitoring ERP Process Control

Galvanize Essentials

Get insight into your material process health, compliance risk & financial exposure to better deliver on your strategic mission.

Get insight into your SAP® ERP process health, compliance risk & financial exposure.

Galvanize Essentials is a financial risk suite of premium analysis apps that continuously assess risk in your critical SAP® ERP processes.

Get insight into your SAP® Where native ERP controls fall down, Galvanize Essentials step up

The pre-packaged Galvanize Essentials analysis apps have allows to see immediate value from your data analytics program. One can  quickly progress from a focus on expected risk in theory to actual risk in reality by taking a targeted approach to analysing data from the ERP system.

While every company and government agency is unique, many underlying operational processes—and risks—are identical.

Get oversight of your standard financial process controls with pre-built analysis apps spanning the following business process areas.

Purchase-to-Pay Cycle Apps

Accounts PayablesSampling or manually cross-matching purchases orders (POs) with invoices simply doesn’t provide adequate risk oversight over this material process. Assess 100% of your payables dataset to know with certainty whether your requisitions and vendor billing processes are healthy and accurate.

Sample Analytics 

  • Identify instances of PO date occurring after invoice date
  • Identify invoices paid greater than the PO amount approved
  • Identify instances of vendor paid by both PO and sundry expense
Purchase Order ManagementTrack purchasing patterns and trends to monitor the adherence of company policies, keep expenses low, and illuminate problematic sub-processes.

Sample Analytics 

  • Identify split POs with same vendor / same material / same creator, within X days
  • Find duplicate POs with same vendor / same material / same quantity
  • Identify goods received vouchers that are 30 days past PO approval date
Vendor ManagementEnsure that your vendors are approved and have been vetted for compliance against your organization’s vendor management take-on / registration process.

Sample Analytics 

  • Trend word usage in journal entry (JE) names and line descriptions to better visualize monthly activity
  • Map ledger-focused unusual keywords to identify entries worthy of discussion
  • Determine the letter fingerprint of monthly JE titles and their rate of change
Cash DisbursementsThe outflow of money in various payment formats to your vendors can often get overlooked, resulting in a popular way for unscrupulous employees to cash in. Ensure your cash disbursement controls are working properly, and identify waste, misappropriation of funds or human error.

Sample Analytics 

  • Identify suspicious disbursements
  • Review vendors with large disbursements in a specified time-frame
  • Detect vendor billing errors
Stock & Inventory ManagementAlleviate inventory management risks by testing for theft, loss, leakage, churn and lifecycle. Transactional data may reveal vendors with persistent quality issues, or locations with stale inventory or excessive leakage or returns.

Sample Analytics 

  • Highlight negative stock quantities
  • Pinpoint all items with a zero-cost price
  • Determine the net realizable value of an asset
Travel & Entertainment ExpensesComprehensive data aggregation and reporting enables continuous improvement across all T&E activities. Eliminate the headache of multiple review and remediation systems and consolidate with one comprehensive system that makes your team work smarter and helps you get a handle on T&E waste and abuse.

Sample Analytics 

  • Same expense claimed by multiple people
  • Same employee claiming and approving expense
  • Keyword search for non-business or personal claims
Segregation of DutiesImproper Segregation of Duties (SoD) is a leading cause of fraud and SoD is a key component of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance. Identify potentially costly SoD issues across both Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes.

Sample Analytics 

  • Three-way matching of invoice, PO and receiving report
  • Identify users attempting to falsify payments to themselves by modifying vendor information and then making payment to that vendor
  • Determine the net realizable value of an asset


Order-to-Cash Cycle Apps

Accounts ReceivableHow quickly receivables are paid directly affects your cash flow, and properly balanced cash flow is essential for stability. The faster you can identify and collect outstanding receivables, the faster the cash can be spent to meet payroll and other expenses, pursue expansion and investment goals, or enhance company profits.

Sample Analytics 

  • Compare closing balance to credit limits loaded
  • Extract all outstanding accounts > 60 days
  • Extraction of all changes to customer credit limits
Sales AnalysisDetailed sales analysis is important as it provides management with accurate information on actual sales to improve profit margins. Detailed analysis helps companies compile a sales strategy and know which products are or not selling, and at what margin.

Sample Analytics 

  • Analyze sales trends by comparing current and previous periods
  • Total sales order amount per sales personnel
  • Total sales order amount per material
Stock & Inventory ManagementAlleviate inventory management risks by testing for theft, loss, leakage, churn and lifecycle. Transactional data may reveal vendors with persistent quality issues, or locations with stale inventory or excessive leakage or returns.

Sample Analytics 

  • Highlight negative stock quantities
  • Pinpoint all items with a zero cost price
  • Determine the net realizable value of an asset
Segregation of DutiesImproper Segregation of Duties (SoD) is a leading cause of fraud and SoD is a key component of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance. Identify potentially costly SoD issues across both Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash processes.

Sample Analytics 

  • Identify hidden income by employees invoicing customers they just created or adjustments to the selling prices and the creation of customer invoices

General Journal & Fixed Assets Cycle Apps

Fixed Assets ManagementMonitor your asset management cycles—from addition to depreciation—to mitigate critical risks (such as not knowing what assets you have and where), ensure your depreciation is accurate, and manage the transfer and disposal of PPE.

Sample Analytics 

  • Extract assets listing per location
  • Identify all assets with zero book value
  • Identify all assets with zero depreciation
General JournalJournal entries are the backbone of any organization’s accounting system and hold financial and non-financial data. Knowing how each journal entry is being posted to the general ledger is critical for insight into the heart of your financial system.

Sample Analytics 

  • Identify potential duplicate postings
  • Analyze suspicious postings
  • Identify entries that have been frequently reversed using the same GL account and amount


Human Resources Management Apps

Human ResourcesThere is significant risk around the management of your workforce—monitor your master employee file to mitigate those risks.

Sample Analytics 

  • Trend employee web page searches and posts to social media through company networks
  • Summarize file directory and file names by department
  • Review error log tables over time to identify new error patterns or areas of increased exposure
Salaries & PayrollThe cost of salaries for employees accounts for a significant portion of operating expenses in any organization. Knowing that those employees listed on their payroll are valid and are being paid the right amount is critical to keeping operating costs in check.

Sample Analytics 

  • Test for potential phantom vendors that cross-match on employee addresses
  • Test for duplicate or phantom employees
  • Monitor master employee file for excessive changes

Simplify your Audit, Risk, and Compliance Projects

Audit, risk and compliance management doesn’t have to be complex or spreadsheet-intensive. With you in mind, Galvanize have designed Galvanize— a flexible and easy way to manage the process of assessing risk, planning and organising projects, analysing data, communicating issues, and visually sharing your findings. Since Galvanize is delivered in the cloud, it’s accessible from anywhere, secure, and doesn’t require any ongoing IT support.


Gain Insights into Strategic Risks

Galvanize helps executives and risk managers track, assess, prioritise, and communicate strategic risks across the leadership team. It provides a straight-forward way to capture and maintain a complete view of risks across the enterprise; track the risks that are most important and plan audit and risk mitigation projects for the greatest impact across all teams.


Save Time and Unlock Productivity

Manual processes, using products such as Microsoft Office or Share drives used for audit work, tend to be document and administration heavy. Gain valuable time with Galvanize by empowering your teams to manage audits, compliance initiatives, enterprise risk and control assessments in one central place, ensuring consistency across all teams.


Turn Analysis into Actionable Results

Galvanize helps teams work with business stakeholders to “close the loop” by removing the barriers between data and decision making and turning analysis into action. Integrated with Galvanize Analytics and Galvanize Analytics Exchange for in-depth analysis, users are able to manage timely test activities, pro-actively follow-up and re-mediate based on identified exceptions, and track outcomes in the cloud.


Illustrate Your Results with Visual Reports

Galvanize makes it easy to access and probe GRC data to illuminate risks and opportunities needed to support executives and business leaders in improving business performance and avoiding costly oversights. Simply convert multiple GRC data points into reports, dashboards, and metrics and provide a clear interpretation of the findings to executives, audit committees, and other stakeholders.

It’s Secure, Reliable and Trust Worthy

Galvanize is committed to providing a robust and secure service that protects their customers’ data.

The platform is built upon industry-leading security technology, refined principles and practices, and ongoing investments in security training, testing, independent audits, expert consulting, and advanced tooling.

Galvanize provides a multi-layered security environment following the principles of least privilege, separation of duties, defense in depth, and usability. Customers have full ownership of user access controls and manage the entire customer data life cycle in deciding:

  • what data goes into their system
  • how long it should be retained
  • what data should be deleted
  • who can access the data

Data is hosted by Amazon Web Services, a widely recognized and industry leading cloud infrastructure vendor, and takes advantage of the security infrastructure and benefits provided by Amazon. Within the hosted environment, customers are provided with their own application environment (your Galvanize service).

Galvanize manages the overall application infrastructure and customers manage the end-user security and access control to their own application environment.

Case Studies

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Lafarge north america – Lafarge streamlines complex data extraction and analysis with Galvanize analytics exchange
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