Education – Professional Services
The robust, feature-rich, analytics-equipped, user-friendly Trident’s Campus Vision Solution built on a cutting-edge and flexible architecture – enables educational institutions to automate & streamline their functions and processes for both learning and administration, from prospecting to graduation.

Transform for Today and Tomorrow

As a higher education administrator, you are expected to rein in budgets and reallocate funds, yet grow academic programs. You’re forecasting enrollments and projecting faculty headcount, while trying to reduce administrative costs. Your department needs greater data visibility to improve operational efficiency, but it must also maintain audit standards and compliance reporting schedules.

To overcome these challenges, you want an administrative solution designed for higher education that enables you to transform operations and optimize resources. 

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Business and HR offices walk a fine line between wanting best-of-breed software functionality and needing to stay within budget. With Trident’s Campus Vision Finance, HR & Payroll, your institution benefits from world-class Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM technology that has been tailored specifically to the needs of higher education. You get the most universally recognized brand name for managing operations and resources already configured with the most proven tools for higher Education 


Drive your Digital Transformation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the foundation for a suite of productivity applications for your business. This innovative solution breaks down the silos between CRM, ERP and productivity to offer one system for everyone. With purpose-built applications for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation, you can empower all of your teams to do more, every day, in concert. Now, it’s truly possible to run your entire business in the cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Now Offered as Part of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Encompassing what was formerly known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 transforms the way people do business by packaging the core components of CRM as individual applications in the cloud with a whole new suite of capabilities.

Benefits of Our Solutions

Minimizing high administrative overhead

Easy to use and high functionality footprint

Strong financial control and flexibility


Time-saving in processing student applications


Time-saving in payment collection deposit and rental