How can Microsoft Business Central Transform Your Business Exponentially? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation can provide a range of functionalities for different business sizes, Microsoft Business Central is one of them. It is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system combined with Customer Relationship Management facilities. Therefore, it allows you to streamline your supply chain while managing customer data side by side under the same platform.  

All in all, it is a complete all-in-one software solution that streamlines your business under the same umbrella. As a part of D365, it can not only function as a stand-alone system but also integrate with different Microsoft applications such as Office 365, teams, etc.  

Initially, it was known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV which was an on-premise solution, but now it is called Business Central, a cloud-based, much-updated version that is now better preferred as compared to Navision. More businesses are moving towards NAV to BC Upgrade.  

Indeed, its better flexibility and exponent potential to support a scaling business is one of the reasons. However, one reason that is getting businesspeople to give up on NAV and adopt BC is the termination of Navision’s Support. While the current Navision versions are still mainstreamed till January 2023, the older versions are already out of support.  

 How Business Central Transforms Your Business? 

Business Central ensures “n” number of benefits to your business. It is a cloud-based ERP plus CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system that ensures complete business management functionalities to streamline your organizational operations. We have rounded up some benefits of business central which help you transform your business environment into a more convenient and smoother place.  

#1 Low-Cost Ownership  

Small to medium-sized businesses keep tabs on each penny they spend. With Microsoft Business Central you can keep your costs low while leveraging all the benefits of cloud ERP like low infrastructure investment and no upgrade cost. Apart from this, you can get a monthly subscription-based licensing, which means you no longer have to spend a fortune on a fixed upfront cost, you can be as flexible as you want. You also no longer need servers, dedicated IT teams, management resources, or any other cost to implement Business Central. You can use Business Central and get it going right away! 

#2 Embrace a Single Source of Truth  

Dynamics Business Central also creates a single source of truth: which means you no longer have to rely on disparate systems but a centralized system that stores your data and constantly updates it in real-time. You and your employees can access data at the same time and make the necessary decisions. The data will be presented in actionable dashboards that are easy to understand. By using integrated data across sales, purchases, accounting, and inventory, you can make better decisions and eventually transform your business.  

#3 Experience ERP and CRM Under the Same Platform 

Apart from being ERP software, it also takes care of your Customer Relationship while ensuring a robust and solidified integration with customers. It tracks each interaction and gives insights on cross-sell, upsell, renewal opportunities throughout your sales cycle. It also lets you generate offers and discounts for customers. In terms of customer experience, you can easily address after-sales issues and customer returns, service repairs as well as track repair details while seamlessly responding to their inquiries.  

#4 Data Security 

Dynamics Business Central ensures your business enterprise-level security. Being a cloud-based solution, it already has in-built features which make sure your data is backed up and securely stored. Various functionalities such as authentications, authorization, data encryption, and auditing help you secure your business applications. It also makes sure your business is compliant if you are operating your business globally. This software lets users adjust settings to collect and store data according to local laws.  

#5 Flexible and Scalable 

One of the major advantages of Microsoft Business Central is its flexibility and capability to scale with your business. Credits to cloud technology, your data is now more easily accessible to you and your employees. It allows you to run your business virtually from anywhere, anytime from the device of your choice. This is especially beneficial in this age where businesses are shifting towards the remote work approach.  

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