Instantly Attract More Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

Irrespective of your business vertical, you can run a successful business only if you successfully understand your customers. What they like or dislike, how you can improve your service and how you can convince them to purchase more from you. You can only make successful strategies if you have the right information. A Unified CRM like D365 Finance and Operations can help you tremendously with managing and growing your customer base.  

Gone are the days when siloes ruled. No more manual data entry, and extensive manual research. You will never slow down in launching marketing campaigns or extracting customer data. Do this all-in seconds with the right technology! 

CRM like Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations collects a wealth of customer data which includes emails, phone numbers, addresses, feedback, etc. It can even be integrated with third-party apps like Power BI.  

Power BI is an application playing an essential role in understanding and influencing customers. With this feature, you can make dashboards elaborating their preferences, spending patterns, changes, etc. These types of information play a critical role in forming successful decisions.  

What is D365 Finance and Operations and How Does CRM Work? 

D365 Finance and Operations is overall a unified CRM and ERP which aims at ending the siloes from back to front. Respectively, as the name suggests, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) focuses mainly on the customer section. It makes the customer management operations by:  

Collaborating with sales and marketing team: With the help of deep insights, the sales team can track customer-related data, and collaborate with the marketing team for the best results. They can easily figure out where each lead stands in the sales process, and what steps are to be taken further.  

Using sales monitoring to get real-time monitoring data: You can sync sales data with your CRM and understand the process better. You can monitor your pipeline in real-time and inspect if there are any slowdowns or opportunities on the way. It becomes easier to calculate your overall performance and ensure you don’t make the same mistakes again.  

Prioritizing the Right Task: D365 Finance and Operations offers AI and Business Intelligence related tools to help you find out the top priority tasks and how you and your team can get the most out of your time and efforts and put focus on high-yielding activities. 

Automating Monotonous Tasks: One of the most common and most important benefits of Microsoft D365 Finance and Operations is its ability to automate tasks. You can build sales quotes, send emails, and collect customer feedback automatically. This, therefore, helps you streamline operations while allowing your team to focus more on top-priority tasks.  

Help Impacting Customers Better with the Right Strategies: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations CRM includes features to tap into customers’ behavior and find opportunities for more engagement throughout all the touchpoints.  

Connecting through multiple channels: D365 Finance and Operations CRM helps you connect with the customers through all the touchpoints your customers are comfortable with. Be it live chats, emails, messages, calls, third-party applications, or even social media, you can connect with them easily. It further helps build a bond with the customers which drives them back to your business repeatedly.  

Why is CRM Such a Part of Any Business? 

A CRM helps you identify your customer engagement strategies after evaluating customer relationship management solutions. CRM is important anyway for your business irrespective of the size; for small businesses, your CRM will help you manage customers in a shorter time while allowing employees to work more efficiently in other areas. For enterprises, A CRM like D365 F&O helps manage complex customer engagements. It can also help you:  

Engage the right customers: predictive analysis and customer buying behavior analysis help you target the right audience and turn them into your customers.  

Boost customer interactions: Your sales and marketing team can have a complete view of the customer. Therefore, helping them understand the customers and providing the most suitable services. You can even decide prior, which customer needs more attention and hence, you can efficiently make your schedules accordingly. 

Tracks progress throughout the customer journey: With D365 Finance and Operations, you can find out which customer lies where in the sales journey and how you can engage them more with exciting offers.  

Boosts team productivity: By automating manual tasks, you can engage your sales and marketing teams in high-intensive tasks.  

D365 Finance and Operations offers the latest CRM with advanced tools and features giving you a competitive edge. Since it is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud, you do not have to worry about data security. Microsoft engages more than 3000 technical experts to protect your system from any theft, virus, or malware.  

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