Upgrade NAV to BC

Upgrade NAV to Business Central for NAV-Like and More Advanced Features!

If you are on NAV, you would have probably planned to Upgrade NAV to BC in the near future. However, for some, NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central Upgrade may seem uncomfortable, but it is interesting to note that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central supports the same features as Dynamics NAV. D365 Business Central offers way more advanced tools to the users. From an easy-to-use interface to cloud-driven features, to flexible customization, D365 BC offers everything a business needs. Microsoft constantly improves and upgrades its ERP and CRM to provide the best possible services to the user. There is a specific category of NAV users who must Upgrade NAV to Dynamics Business Central.  

Who Must Upgrade NAV to Dynamics 365 ASAP 

  • The user of Dynamics NAV 2015 and lower versions as their mainstream support ended a while ago.  
  • NAV 2016 users as their mainstream support ended in April 2021.  
  • Businesses working on NAV 2017. Their mainstream support expired in Jan 2022.  
  • Even Though NAV 2018 versions still have extended mainstream support till 2023, it’s still safe to Upgrade NAV to BC.  

How Has Navision Become Outdated? 

One of the major disadvantages of having NAV is its limited mainstream support, which leaves its users on their own after it ends. However, there are other reasons it is becoming outdated, and users need an instant shift.  

  • NAV is user-friendly software. However, it still doesn’t support consumer technology. Moreover, Enterprise 2.0 and business tools are limited, and mobile access is also restricted to cross-browser support.  
  • The total cost of ownership is way higher in this management system than in the packaging of business essentials.  
  • Dynamics NAV too can be extended to get a Customized ERP Solution, however, at a higher maintenance cost, ownership cost, and software upgradation costs. Not to mention, the process consumes more time as well.  
  • There are different third-party add-ons available for D365 NAV. However, they overlap, and it gets hard, tiring, and time-consuming to differentiate one from another. 
  • Even though D365 NAV offers advanced features to support the manufacturing process, it does not support automation easily. It is very time-consuming and challenging for the entire ERP System.  
  • This system does not come with automation tools or integrated business management tools. However, using .NET is possible to get a different platform for development but the entire process is still difficult.  

Upgrade NAV to BC to Get More Pace, Agility, and Robust Features 

Dynamics NAV is extensive and provides a variety of services, including financial management, accounting, marketing, supply chain, services, BI, sales, reporting, and project management. Apart from training employees for the new solution, the users also fear losing historic data. However, the NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central move ensures your data is safely transferred.  

Here are other reasons why you should Upgrade NAV to Business Central:  

  • You never have to worry about updating your software, as Microsoft updates the software automatically for you. It launches new minor updates regularly without disrupting your operations. For major updates, it happens twice a year, and you will be notified two days prior.  
  • Dynamics Business Central is hosted on Azure Cloud, which means it is accessible on any device, anywhere, anytime. The best part is that you do not have to invest further in hardware, servers, and maintenance agreements.  
  • Upgrade NAV to BC for high-end security. Microsoft engages 3,500 IT experts’ day and night to detect, protect, and respond to cyber threats. 
  • D365 BC integrates with other Microsoft tools such as Office 365, Azure, and other D365 suites. 
  • Business Central produces fast, flexible, and accurate business reports with Jet Reports and Power BI, Excel add-ins. AI and machine learning support equipment monitoring, forecasting, and more accurate data on time ensuring decision making.  
  • Improved search capabilities with cleaner and more organized data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  
  • The users can manage costs better with pay per use and pay-per-month model in D365 BC instead of annual enhancements.  

How can Sticking with Dynamics NAV Push you Back in the Competition? 

Upgrade NAV to BC to implement better flexibility and agility into your business. NAV doesn’t support automation, and customization can also become time-consuming. However, another main reason behind NAV to BC Upgrade is that Microsoft will stop upgrading it and the users will have to manage with outdated products. Not to mention, without any mainstream support, the users are on their own when there is a bug or an error. This will push them 10 steps back into the competition.  

If you are looking ahead to Upgrade NAV to BC, you can contact Trident Information Systems. We are a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold Implementation Partner, and LS Central Diamond Partner. We have upgraded NAV to BC in various SMBs and enterprises. Our dedicated team of professionals is happy to help you anytime, any day. Contact Us Today.