Upgrade NAV to Business Central

This is How Dynamics NAV Pushes Your Business Back into The Competition

Despite being a robust ERP system, Dynamics NAV is getting old and will be out of support soon in 2023. A new upgrade, Dynamics Business Central, has emerged which holds all the functionalities of D365 NAV, with quick and easy-to-use features. Personnel do not even have to be from a technical background to learn this software. Seeing the technological advancements in the market and cut-throat competition, it’s high time to Upgrade NAV to Business Central. 

Sticking with NAV is pushing your business back in the race with all the complexities you are facing but your competition doesn’t. Data management is one of the most concerning aspects for any business that Navision fails to organize. It’s pretty complex and tough to build and configure reports in this software. Personnel usually get sick of it, and poor attempts to build reports manually make the situation worse.   

Since everyone in your business cannot be a technical expert, it takes too much time to transform a big amount of data into small and precise information to aid decision-making. People working in inventory reconciliation to create a new vendor’s account are not fond of contacting excerpts every time to pull a report. Hence, they attempt to do it themselves manually on Excel and often are disappointed with the discrepancies later found in the reports.  

If you do not